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First Grade Open House

No description

Dianne Polidore

on 4 August 2013

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Transcript of First Grade Open House

Who is Mrs. Polidore?
Experience in first grade
teaching assistant
academic intervention services teacher - math
leave replacement for second grade
building substitute in the elementary and middle school
summer school teacher
Master's in Childhood Education 1-6 and Students with Disabilities 1-6
Master's in Educational Computing
Four years experience in first grade
Daily lessons - EnVision
Math workstations: games, manipulatives
Build fluency in addition and subtraction facts
English Language Arts
Reading: shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading
Engage NY (integrating Social Studies and Science)
Spelling and Word Study
Handwriting Without Tears
Journals and Writing Projects
Social Studies
Scholastic News
Living Things
Life Cycles
Important Tidbits

Please provide a healthy snack and
water for your child. Vegetable sticks, crackers, pretzels, cheese, yogurt are some examples.
Home-School Communication:
Take-home folder - notes, lunch money, etc. should be placed in take-home folder. This should be brought back to school every day.

Please check your child's folder every night, as homework, notices, etc. will be sent home via this folder.

Check for announcements and reminders weekly.
Go to Pawlingschools.org
Click on Teacher Webpages on left hand side.
Enter "Polidore" in the teacher field.

a reading log and an independently selected book will go home every night. Please read with your child for 20 minutes. Please sign the log and return the book every day.
Written homework: written homework will begin in January.
Book Orders!
Book orders will usually go home on a Friday and have to be returned by the following Wednesday.
Open House Agenda
1) Introduction

2) Content Areas

3) Special Class Schedule

4) Lunch/Recess/Snack

5) Rules and Expectations

6) Homework

7) Communication

8) Birthdays and Holidays

9) Book Orders
Employed at Pawling Central School District since 2003
Behavior Tracker
Special Class Schedule
Art - A days
Physical Education - B & D days
Music - C days

Please make sure your child wears sneakers
on B & D days.
12:06 - 12:46
A couple of days notice in writing if you would like your child to celebrate his/her birthday with the class.
Please no invitations unless you are inviting the whole class.
Birthday Celebrations
I just need a couple of days notice if you
would like your child to celebrate his/her
birthday in class. Please make sure you
drop off the healthy treats with Ms. Janet
at the front window labeled with the child's name
and teacher.

Please do not send invitations to the class unless
the whole class is invited. Thank you!
Thank you!!!

Any questions?
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