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MMFHC Housing

No description

James Carlson

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of MMFHC Housing

MMFHC Housing
Riverworks EDC
Harambee Great Neighborhood Initiative
Bucket Brigade
ACTS Housing
Sherman Park
Washington Park
Roles for partners
Implementation plan
Who are we affecting?
Property disposition plan
Partner assignments
synthesis and presentation of data, compilation and analysis
REHAB component
Resident training
Agency training
Resident Clusters within Harambee
partner with cluster groups
Riverworks + HGNI = clusters
Org training for 2 partners
Resident training

Org clusters within Harambee
Questions for MMFHC:
1. How does the tech assistance portion break out?
2. Do the recipient orgs of the training pay back part of the 10k to the training org?
3. Can we train neighborhood residents through our clusters--do we have to work with an 'agency'?
4. Can we train clusters instead of agencies? (More value)
Survey design
Training curriculum
Initial survey: Harambee neighborhood - Center to Capitol
Training with additional area
HGNI - to do survey - remaining area
Training with additional area

Bucketworks: Data model, presentation, curriculum, data warehouse
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