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New England in 1690's

No description

Kristine Mckenzie

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of New England in 1690's

New England in 1690's
What kind of people settled in the 1690's?
The Puritans, a religious group, were the people who settled in New England in the 1690's. There was two types of Puritans but these were the ones who believed in reform but not separation. Religion was the framework of their society.They believed that the bible was their law and they must obey every word. They believed the church and state operated as one.

Witchcraft in the 1690's
The Puritans believed that you could sign your soul away to Satan for supernatural powers.
Any one who was thought to be a witch had to go to trial. If they pleaded non-guilty and lost the trial they were killed, if they pleaded guilty, they lost all of their property but their life was spared.

How did they survive?
At first the puritans just barely survived. The holiday of Thanksgiving was a celebration of surviving the first year. Puritans were unprepared for the severe cold of winters. During the first winter, the Plymouth colony lost half its people. They would have lost more, but the Indians showed the settlers how to use fish to fertilize the soil and other survival skills necessary to live in the new climate.

Upper Class-
Often people within laratec wealth,
usually includes older family titled as Aristocats.
Middle Class-
Majority of population includes Industrial, professional and business people.
Lower Class-
Working class, Agricultural farmers and Factory workers.
Life In Massachusetts in the 1690's
New England In The 1690's
In the 1690's it was a small town atmosphere. They were poor, struggling and an unstable town. They were afraid of indian attacks and starvation. They also had strict religious views.

Puritans fears & Anxieties;
Always please God
Be sure to attend church & pray
Places past the unknown colonies
Native Americans

185 people were accused of being witches in Salem, 141 women and 44 men. 52 women and 7 men were tried. 26 women and 5 men were convicted. 14 women and 5 men were executed.
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