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Somali Pirate Conflict

No description

Nafiul Alam

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Somali Pirate Conflict

Somali Pirate Conflict By Nafiul Khandaker How Has The Geography Of Africa Affected The Lives If Its People? Most countries are away from water, so they cannot water plants for food and hydrate themselves. How Might a Country's Wealth Lead To Poverty? The less wealthy a country is, the poorer the people. Also, the government may also keep the wealth to themselves, causing the people to get poor. How Does Conflict Impact a Country's Economy? The conflicts cause the government to spend more money to get weaponry and officers to control them. A terrible drought that killed 300,000 people due to starvation and hurt their agricultural economy, and other countries fish in the waters surrounding them. Cause Effect Somalians have turned to piracy in order to make money through the ransom of the ships and crew, and stealing of the goods on board. Solutions 1.) Help the Somalian people and their economy recover from the drought and... 2.) Send more coast guards and militants to control the Somali pirates.
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