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Clouds are amazing things, and this presentation is made to show what clouds can do, and how they work!

casey n-b

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Clouds

Clouds Are there different types of clouds? Yes! there are a heap of different clouds, and they all look unique. How you spot the difference? That's a hard one..... It's pretty simple really.
Clouds are made up of teeny tiny droplets of ice crystals and water. the droplets are really small; so small and light that they can float up in the air over our heads! Air contains water, but sometimes it's in the form of an invisible gas called water vapour... When warm air gets colder it can't hold as much gas as water vapour, so some of the water condences into tiny particles and floats around...
Then all the dust sticks together and becomes a visible cloud! You know when I mentioned before that the water condenses into tiny particles? Well here is a visual example of condensation! 'Cirrocumulous' clouds are small white puffs, that usually are round shapes. they can resembles the scales of fish! Altocumulous and altostratus Stratus and Nimbostratus
These are the lowest of the clouds in the sky, and the Stratus clouds look small waves in the sea. cirrus, cirrostratus, and cirrocumulous Cirrus and Cirrostratus clouds are the high clouds of the sky,
Cirrus clouds look like a big long stream of clouds.... ...and cirrostratus clouds look like a donut when the sun shines through. High Clouds Low Clouds Middle Clouds Nimbostratus clouds are like a really big wet blanket or towel coverying the sky... like this blanket. So how are clouds made? Cl uds These ones look a bit like little marshmallows! Cirrocumulus clouds look like small, rounded white puffs like cotton balls. Or sometimes they look like the scales of fish! Ok, so it's fun to watch the clouds and make shapes out of them, but you need to know about the different types of cluds! There are four main sections of clouds, high clouds, middle clouds, low clouds, and vertically developing clouds. Vertically Developing Clouds 'Cumulous' clouds are puffy clouds that resemble whipped cream. But they can cause severe weather! These Cululonimbus clouds are like the view from the top of a mountain. Very tall, very beautiful, but very dangerous. By Casey Nicholls-Bull 8 White Stratus and Nimbostratus clouds are both the lowest of the cloud types.
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