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Mag Lev Trains


Joseph Ocasio

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Mag Lev Trains

Magnetic Levatation Trains By: Joseph Ocasio and Jeffrey Hosler The Maglev Track

The Guideway repeals the magnets under the undercarriage
of the train from 1-10cm off the track.

The Coils in the guidewalls have an electric current that creates
an magnetic field that propels the train.

The Coils polarity alternates to cause the coils in front of the train
to pull the train forward, while the coils behind the train repel it forward.

Guideway Frictionless Motion

Since these trains are being levitated, it essentially rides on air, eliminating

Due to the lack of friction the Maglev Trains are capable of reaching speeds more than 310mph.

The fastest regular trains can only reach speeds up to 150mph, nearly half the speed
of the Maglev Train.

Electromagnetic Suspension (EMS) system

This system used in Germany, is a slightly modified version of the original version.

In this version, the Maglev Train overlaps over the track, securing it to the guideway more effectively.

Germany calls their Maglev Train system the Transrapid, they have reached speeds of 330mph with people on board. http://news.discovery.com/videos/tech-maglev-trains.html
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