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Jennifer Garmon

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Economically

Outline of Today's Presentation
1. Wordle Activity
2. BrainDump "Who is it?"
3. Who Qualifies?
4. Why are they Misrepresented?
5. Innate Characteristics
6. Problems with Identification
7. Appropriate Ways to Test
8. Traits to Help with Identification
9. Insightful Quotation
10. Creating a Classroom for Low-SES Gifted
11. Case Study Activity

Traits to Help with Identification
 High mathematical abilities
 Alertness, curiosity
 Independence of action
 Initiative and eagerness to do new things
 Fluency in non-verbal communication
 Imagination in thinking
 Flexibility in approach to problems
 Learning quickly through experience
 Retaining and using ideas and information well

Who Qualifies?
Disadvantaged gifted learners do not, in fact, have the family or community resources to "make it on your their own."

Innate Characteristics of
LOW- SES Gifted Students
1. Strong Sense of Identity

2. Supportive/inspiring relationships

3. "Question" orientation

4. Awareness of alternative paths

5. Risk-taking capacity

Problems with Identification of Low-SES Gifted
**These students tend to be creative gifted learners which doesn't score well on standardized test.

** Intelligence tests and ability tests are biased to ethnic minorities for culture and language reasons; therefore, these tests are not necessarily indicative of their ability.

**Teacher recommendations can be problematic because not all teacher's are trained in gifted services, these teachers tend to think of gifted learners as just high achievers or "teacher pleasures".
Also, teacher can have bias towards minority groups, or individual students.
Appropriate Testing Methods
1. Creativity Test (Fulton uses Torrance Test)

2. Matrix Analogies Test (objective and subjective material)

3. Teacher nominations from teachers who understand characteristics of giftedness from Low-SES groups.

4. Peer nominations to determine top performing student in a particular social circle.

5. Community to help identify high function students within the neighborhood context.

6. Dynamic assessments (comparing growth from pre and post-test data).
"The Invisible Gifted"
"See what you know!"

Thank you!
"Who is it?"
Brain Dump
Why are they Misrepresented?
Different experiences, expectations, and rules for how the world works.

Spoken language is normally casual and broken grammatically.

Posses higher level thinking skills but are unable to express their thoughts verbally ,

Usually have differences in cognitive, language and reading skills.

Less exposure to literature.

Prefer spatial rather than temporal.

 Showing a desire to learn in daily work
 Originality and creativity in thinking
 Responding well to visual media
 Leadership ability in peer group
 Responsible social behavior
 Varied interests
 Ability to generalize learning to other areas and show relationships among apparently unrelated ideas
 Resourcefulness
 Entrepreneurial ability
 Imaginative storytelling, using language rich in imagery
 Mature sense of humor
 Responsiveness to the concrete
"However, if these gifted youth meet only dead ends and frustration and have no outlet for the development and expression of their talents, society not only will lose their positive professional contributions but also may be taxed (literally) by their negative contributions"(Davis 299).
So? What can we do to prevent this
in our classrooms?
Characteristics of a Classroom for Gifted Low-SES Students
1. Provide a stimulus-rich environment

2. Maintaining a diverse classroom with materials related to multicultural resources.

3. Know the needs of each student.

4. Develop individual students' self, looking at the cultural and gifted self.

5. Using non-verbal materials.

6. Focus on independent and small
group assignments.

Figures of Poverty in the World
Now, your turn to decide
which Low-SES students are gifted!!
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