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Copy of logos, pathos, ethos

No description

Krista Gress

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of Copy of logos, pathos, ethos

Ethos, Pathos, Logos
Argument based on logic
Uses facts, numbers, and information
Argument that plays on emotion
getting people to feel happy, sad, or angry
Argument that assumes the
speaker is trustworthy or credible
If people believe and trust in you,
you're more likely to persuade them
You will need something with which to write!
Get with your group and label your reasons for winning the prize.
Did you use Ethos?
Or combinations?
Label each of your reasons AND support.
Before you get in your groups...

Come up with some ideas on your own and write them down on the graphic organizer.

This paper will be your 'ticket out' at the end of the hour.

Please come up with at least one idea for each type of argument.
identify ethos,
pathos, and logos in
persuasive texts

1. Get into your groups.

2. Decide who is going to be the writer and who is going to be the presenter.

3. Send one person from your group to get a graphic organizer.

4. Using the types of arguments
(ethos, pathos, and logos)
you have approximately 15 minutes to come up with
3 amazing reasons
to convince the class that your group should win the prize!

5. You must use at least
2 different types of arguments
, and you must have
3 reasons
(Two of your arguments can be the same type)
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