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leo bites

No description

Lili Kfoury

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of leo bites

What happened in the past year leo bites The countdown for the smoking ban started October 2012 November 2012 To be continued ... What happened
in the past
year July 2012 While Peter was conquering Mount Elbrus ... A North Lebanon town did another great achievement: the world’s largest cup of lemonade But also: August 2012 September 2012 December 2012 January 2013 February 2013 March 2013 April 2013 May 2013 But also: But also: But also: But also: But also: But also: But also: But also: But also: But also: The Beirut Fashion Week for spring 2013 followed While fashionable Burnetters
celebrated crazy hat day Other guys just gathered for fromage and mashewe While our men joined for a great cause and grew their Moustaches for Movember While we finally got to know who our secret santa was True caller app
was the most downloaded app A poll by “Gallup” revealed that 78% of the Lebanese consider the government socially inactive While Pino actively sent a threat email about MENA Crystal deadlines While Leo Burnett succeeded by winning network of the year at Dubai Lynx Lebanese tutors failed to raise autonomous children While a team tried to remedy to the messiness the office by launching The Cleaning hour. Mercer published a research showing Beirut's bad quality of life Kids used their creativity to prepare a giant cake to help cancer patients While Mazen used his creativity to come up with paintings for his exhibition Women protested in front of parliament for domestic violence law Fifty shades of Grey became a best seller in Lebanon with women of all ages reading it Thirty six men were arrested in a porn cinema in Beirut Allo Fail was launched with the aim of garnering enough support to put tangible pressure on the country’s two service provider A Facebook event was created calling for a peaceful protest against the Pope during his three-day stay, citing the Vatican’s “corruption and immorality" The anal probe on suspected homosexual men got the Lebanese youth to protest in front of the Lebanese Ministry of  Justice BlameBassil became a real hit! Activist group seeked to protect public spaces menaced by development Domestic workers tied to Lebanese “employers” danced in a flash mob on Beirut’s Corniche, in a performance designed to highlight the flaws in the sponsorship Dozens of the anti-smoking law advocates decided to lend a hand in the implementation of the new smoking law that bans smoking in all public places Lebanese Students Rejected Incomers from Syria A hate campaign against May  Chidiac grew online
A flier witnessed an MEA employee singling out Filipino and Nepalese customers at the Beirut airport, instructing them to be quiet and laughing at them Third of Lebanon went On Strike: government employees and teachers, from public and private schools, went on strike to to pressure the government, to submit to parliament a revised pay scale for public sector employees, for ratification. A survey done by the Institute for Development, Research, Advocacy and Applied Care showed that the majority of mental disorders prevalent in Lebanon fall under the broad category of anxiety disorders Hundreds of restaurant and pub owners blocked Beirut’s Sodeco road to protest the smoking ban
Lebanon’s Sectarian Tensions Spilled into Basketball Buzz and Myriam Klink made people talk about them Businesses shut down in Beirut Central District Comedian’s life was threatened Over ‘Oppa Saida Style’ parody Lebanon ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world Lebanon’s first civil marriage took place A dog was shot 12 times on Beirut Corniche Women’s nationality supporters held sit-in Tourism Ministry launched a 50-day nationwide discounts initiative Facebook page supporting civil marriage went viral While people ditched popcorn for sushi: VIP cinemas started opening up Lebanon unions launched “revolution of the hungry” While Activists rallies for civil marriage in downtown Beirut Harlem Shake craze inspired lighthearted competition in Beirut PayPal announced that it would begin offering services in the country later this year Lebanon students added voices to public sector strike AUB students protested Rahbani’s support of Assad regime Migrants workers marched for their rights Students started divulging their crushes on Facebook pages While Burnetters celebrated Leo day Lebanon’s state employees went on strike over raise exclusion While our women competed in an arm wrestling contest Other Lebanese women ran the 10km Women's marathon June 2012 People tried to find another use for tyres BaoBaB Psychedelic Music Festival took place and Radio Beirut was launched A new trend emerged with artist painting Beirut’s landscape in order to give the city a more vibrant color Beirut became less affordable for expats But also: But our policemen were very busy exploring men's anuses Nothing happened in our office... While Samer claimed he was a king on his birthday Lebanese women held a meeting as they worried about the impact of political events on their situation Lebanese developers launched the first ever-dating application in the Middle East: “Psst" Lebanese experienced the sights, smells and sounds of Brazil at the AUB outdoors Lebanese Youth published their confessions online
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