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Angels in America Millennium Approaches: A New Production

A Group 7 Concept Presentation

Mary McKeen

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Angels in America Millennium Approaches: A New Production

The Cast: Prior Walter/Man in the Park- Matthew Bomer Joe Pitt/Prior 1/The Eskimo- Matt Damon Louis Ironson- John Francis Daley Harper Pitt/Martin Heller- Anne Hathaway Belize/Mr.Lies- Anthony Mackie Roy Cohn/Prior 2- Jack Nicholson Rabbi Chemelwitz/Henry/Hannah Pitt/Ethel Rosenberg- Sissy Spacek Emily/Ella Chapter/ The Woman in South Bronx/ The Angel- Julianne Moore Venue and House Management The Eugene O'Neill Theatre
On Broadway
More intimate
Fog Machines
Low lying haze throughout the production
clears when the angel comes
Equity Rules
Minimize amount/time of fog
Machines should be away from actors to limit their exposure
Ventalation system to clear the fog from the audience
Costume Design: A Group 7 Concept Angels In America Millennium Approaches: A New Production Spring 2010 Theatre 104- Dr. O' Hara The Angel Marketing: Target Audience: Young Adult/Mid-Life
General Broadway Advertising
AIDS awareness campaign led by cast members
Viral Marketing
Set Design: SOund Design: Lighting Design: 1950's A blast from the past.
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