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Interior Designer

No description

Farwa Batool

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Interior Designer

Interior Designer
What is a Interior Designer?
Working conditions
Why i am attracted to this career?
High School requirements
College or university?
Cost and fees
Retirement plans
Fun Facts
Information sources
What is a Interior Designer?
Interior start of by talking to their clients about their needs and vision for the project. They then take measurements to see how things like wiring, plumbing, lighting e.t.c. is going to affect their project. Designers also provide their clients with sketches or computer image of the final result. Once approved, they track budget and plan out a timeline, and contact workers. They also shop for furniture and accent pieces. The last thing they do is arrange everything in a decorative manner to satisfy their clients.
Why am I attracted to it?
Working conditions
Interior designers work in many places. they usually work in offices, but also work on construction sites with contractors. working hours vary quite a bit. Some interior designers work 7-8 hours a day, they may have to adjust according to their clients schedule. The pressure on deadlines and unexpected delay can be stressful.
Companies who offer Interior designers, hire them. Also other companies and offices hire them to renovate a place. People with a less artistic mind also hire Interior designers.
HighSchool Requirements
- Mixed or university courses
Data Management
Algebra and Geometry
- university
College or University?
University options-

York University
Masters degree
- Design
Ryerson University
Undergraduate degree
-interior design

College options

Humber college
Undergraduate/design degree
-Interior design
George Brown
Ontario College Advanced Diploma
- Interior Design Technology Program
Design degree
- Bachelor of Interior Design
St. Clair
Advanced Diploma
- Interior Design
Cost and Fees
Ryerson university- $6,576 - $ 7,518
Humber College - $6,996.28+ $184.44
George brown- $3,576.00
sheridan College - $ 9,307.97
Employment Distribution by Age

Employment Distribution by Age Unit Group 5242 All occupations
15 - 24 years -
13.6% 14.1%
25 - 44 years -
59.0% 45.1%
45 - 64 years -
26.0% 38.8%
65 years & over-
1.4% 2.0%


Visual Arts
Drafting and Design
Housing Studies

Females VS Males

Interior Designers are most then just designers

The median wage interior designers earn is

Retirement Plans
Information sources
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