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The Sports Drink Market

My plan for a new sports drink.

Andrew C

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of The Sports Drink Market

The Market
Gatorade dominates the sports drink market with 75% of the share
Market Trends
Trends in the beverage industry are all about being unique, new and different than the others.
We are aiming for a completely untapped market - business professionals. We are going to advertise to middle aged professionals.
We plan to take that market over with brand loyalty, something Gatorade and Powerade don't have, people don't care which one they have. We will create brand loyalty so when consumers decide, they will prefer PRO.
People want to see something new on the shelves and be the first one to use it. That creates a domino affect for unique products.
What we're going to do
We are going to follow the current trends in a way. We are going to be unique and different but target a completely new demographic.
The current demographics for sports drink are high school and college students of both genders. Since this is most of the sports drink market, there are already enough sports drinks in that market already - most sports drinks have that demographic. What about the other demographics?
Typical sport drink demographic: 13-24 year old, male non athlete/athlete
Our New Demographic
Our average consumer is going to be 30-45 years old, a professional business person. The consumer will be looking for a drink during lunch or during work that will help them keep working.
Like other sports drinks keeps athletes or regular people energized with electrolytes and no caffeine, our drink will energize business people for their work.
Our Competition
The main competition in sports drinks is Gatorade and Powerade both combined with and 89% market share.
The reason Gatorade and Powerade are no threat to us is because for the most part, we are not even in their market. Our demographics are completely different. We are the only sports drink in our specific market.
Competition Location
Gatorade is in almost all grocery stores and gas stations. That's not where business people go to get lunch though. They go to sandwich shops, salad bars and other to-go restaurants. Our product will be in the direct eye of our consumer by advertising in these places.
Since we are advertising to people that have a good amount of money, we are able to raise the price a little more than other's.
We are going to sell a 20oz bottle at $3.50 a piece.
Our Product
Our product will be called PRO - a drink for professionals. It is a sports drink with electrolytes to keep you working hard during the day.
PRO might have a hard time in the market because professionals aren't used to looking for sports drinks, they usually get coffee or pop. To overcome this we will have promotions such has handing PRO out at business building lobby's or giving coupons to workplaces.
In conclusion, we have a sports drink catered towards professional business people. "PRO" keeps you working during a long day. The reason we will do well in our market is because we are selling to a non-existent demographic in the sports drink market. We will get that demographics' attention by workplace promotions and selling in metro lunch locations.
By: Andrew Carpenter
Logan Mejeur
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