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Fort Gibson Schoolwide Enrichment Model


Katie Mock

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Fort Gibson Schoolwide Enrichment Model

Schoolwide Enrichment Model
(SEM) Pull-Out Compacting Enrichment
Clusters 1. Identify objectives in a given subject area.
2. Find appropriate pretests.
3. Identify students who should be pretested.
4. Pretest students to determine their mastery
level of the chosen objectives.
5. Eliminate instructional time for students who
show mastery of the objectives.
6. Streamline instruction of those objectives
students have not yet mastered but are
capable of mastering more quickly than
7. Offer challenging alternatives for time provided
by compacting.
8. Keep records of this process and the instructional
options available to compacted students. -during the school day
-after school
-interest based
-across grade levels
-facilitators with same interest
-stipends will apply ($15/hr?)
-student led
-no lesson plans
-3 to 9 weeks
-final project presented to an
intended audience -pulling out gifted kids during
the school day
-gold seal lessons?
*odyssey of the mind
*future city
*science olympiad Eco-Club How does this tie
in with Relevance
and Rigor? -pick one chapter that you enjoy teaching or have some flexibility with
-teach basic content
-have students write down their interests
-group kids according to similar interests
-kids design their own project
-use same rubric for all groups
-end product should be a prezi, powerpoint, book, video, etc. kids will be using reading,
writing, speaking, listening, and reasoning kids will be using creativity and technology kids will be engaged because they are interested in the topic Sign up to be part of the
Middle School or High School
Enrichment Team -interest inventories
-recruit cluster leaders
-help teachers with compacting or quadrant D lessons GOALS Differentiated Instruction Math Science Social Studies English geometric shapes of famous buildings
build something to scale
manage a store with discounts
reading blueprints be a tour guide of a biome
design an investigation
solve a current enviromental problem here in Fort Gibson analyze and write poetry
develop a newsletter or newspaper
be a news anchor journal as if you were Christopher Columbus
make a map of an imaginative place
be a world reporter use interest inventories
to your benefit this will prepare kids for all common core standards Directions:
1. Find a group of people with similar interests.
2. Create a name for your enrichment cluster.
3. Write a description that would hook the kids.
4. List projects that you would want to do.
5. Write down an authentic audience for each project.
6. Report to everyone.
7. Ticket out is the gifted index card.
8. Sign up to be part of the SEM team.
9. Fill out the enrichment cluster form if you or
someone you know is interested and give it back to
Mrs. Clinkenbeard. Practice with Gold
Seal Lessons Joseph Renzulli Thank You! This model will
help teachers
with student
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