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It's time...to be Cyber Smart

This presentation is for both information and demonstration purposes and is based on the ideas generated during a research project completed by my Year 7 class!

Ern Reichelt

on 12 January 2011

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Transcript of It's time...to be Cyber Smart

Treat with suspicion any newly
arrived emails that you aren't
expecting, especially those
containing attachments Replying to any spam message, even to "unsubscribe" or be "removed" from the email list only confirms to the spammer that you are a valid recipient and a perfect target for future spamming! I I love to read... vampires now It's time..... Don't take cyber safety for granted!! Cyber bullying is offensive
and unacceptable. Never open an attachment received
from an unknown source without
first scanning it for viruses! Never respond to
spam (unsolicited)
messages or click on
any links in the
message It is essential to have an
up-to-date anti-virus program
to protect your computer
against viruses DO NOT turn it off to enable your computer to run faster Don't be lazy - back up your files on a regular basis Invest in an external hard drive and regularly back-up all your files as a safeguard against viruses or hardware failure Keep your personal information private Divulging too many details such as address, phone number, photographs etc on social networking sites eg Myspace, Facebook, Bebo is risky! It may result in IDENTITY THEFT and significant financial loss. You also may put yourself at risk from deviants, sociopaths and paedophiles! Think
send! The Internet is dangerous if you
are careless and publish something
without thinking. it can be viewed by the "world at large"
and it almost IMPOSSIBLE to completely
destroy anything published by mistake! Only meet "Internet Friends"
in a public place Be cautious and remain safe!
Even adults should take someone
along to meet a new "Internet Friend" Don't simply ignore
inappropriate comments
and behaviour(s) in Chat
Rooms Be proactive (report them) to protect
other Internet users! You are not BULLETPROOF - it
can happen to YOU! to be Cyber Smart! This presentation is to
get you to think more
seriously ........ Hi Never write your
password down Also, use a Complex 7
password as a MINIMUM
(one you can remember!) Secure wireless
networks Privacy Copyright BE SMART to
STAY SAFE!!! Never use
full names Do not tag
in images to
identify them Educate students
not to share or
disclose their
passwords The Ultranet is
NOT the place
to store PERSONAL
details! EDUCATE AND
BE VIGILANT Keep your own
password PRIVATE! It is everyone's
to honour
copyright DO...
Link to 3rd party resources
Use FUSE resources
Licenced resources may be OK
Acknowledge (cite sources) Click on "arrow" below to view .......
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