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Paragraphs and Topic Sentences

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Ashtin Trimble

on 22 September 2010

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Transcript of Paragraphs and Topic Sentences

Paragraphs & Topic Sentences ENG100
9/2/2010 Building Blocks of Writing Word Sentences Paragraphs Essays What elements are needed to write an effective word? Correct spelling
Proper placement
Correct tense
Singular/Plural What elements are needed to write an effective sentence? A subject & a verb
Proper punctuation
State a complete thought
Correct combination of clauses and phrases What are the requirements of an effective paragraph? Must have a main idea or purpose
Begins with a topic sentence
Contains several sentences that support the main topic
Ends with a concluding or transitional thought. What are the requirements of an effective essay? Thesis statement
Coherent, well-organized paragraphs Tips for Paragraph Writing Use Standard Written English, but don't be afraid to sound natural or genuine. Write with a purpose. Be confident. We learn to write by writing "Unlike medicine or the other sciences, writing has no new discoveries to spring on us. We're in no danger of reading in our morning newspaper that a breakthrough has been made in how to write [clearly]. . . . We may be given new technologies like the word processor to ease the burdens of composition, but on the whole we know what we need to know." Requirements of a Paragraph: Indention of the first line 5-7 sentences in length,
approximately 100 words A topic sentence that
expresses one main idea Several supporting sentences A concluding statement
or transitional thought. Purposes of an effective paragraph Give the reader a break from
long stretches of text indicate key steps in development of thesis Qualities of Effective Paragraphs Unity Coherence Development develops one central idea begins with a topic sentence all sentences support the topic sentence sentences flow logically & smoothly use transitions to link your sentences sentence organization repeat or restate key words and ideas consistency Checklist for revising paragraphs: 1. Is the paragraph unified? 2. Is the paragraph coherent? 3. Is the paragraph well-developed? Does it adhere to one general idea that is
stated in a topic sentence? Do the sentences follow a clear sequence?
Do your ideas flow smoothly from one sentence to the next? Is the general idea of the paragraph well supported with specific evidence such as details, facts, examples, and reasons?
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