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The Greatest Good

No description

Ebony Taylor

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of The Greatest Good

The Greatest Good Health care Other Countries:
Universal system United States is
the only industrialized country
in the world without a universal
health insurance system united states Success of government
funded health care law Canada
england VA- right at home other countries have
been successful for many
years Four major coverage models socialized medicine is
not a proposal in our
nation 68 percent of all residents
are employer-sponsored or
privately insured march 23, 2010- signed
into law
Roughly 15 percent
of Americans lack insurance
coverage expand coverage to all
americans Society Individualistic society
vs. collectivistic nation- cohesion Americans do not want
actions of universal
health care
to impringe on
their freedoms as an
individual collectivism holds group
as primary and uphold high
America established
under individualistic
perspectives not asking to adopt
but rather to uphold certain
moral ties within it
America is lacking the "we"
feeling will continue until people
quit dying from preventable
diseases benefit society the fact that the debate
exists shows how important
health care is
approximately 18,000
people die each year because
they were not insured 2/3's of americans
believe the federal
government should
guarantee universal health
care for all citizens families no families= no society family provides safety
net for children very difficult to do
if they lack health care families teach how to
play a vital role
in achieving economic and
social development within
society stress of health care
leads to poorer physical
health and poverty many families concerned
with health of their breadwinner if breadwinner dies family
may be thrown into cycle of
poverty a Baby born in detroit is far
less likely to survive than
a baby born in el salvador
(15.5 vs. 9.7 infant mortality rate) need for change =now!!! "we shall not finally
defeat aids, tuberculosis,
malaria or any of the other
infectious diseases
that plague the developing
world until we have also
won the battle for safe drinking
water, sanitation, and basic
basic health care...improving
the health of the poor must become
a priority"- Kofi Annan ( Dying for change) Place identity This change
is not necessarily good
for my degree sacrifice im willing to make work for hospital and hire
doctors- eventually
become director of a hospital time to move family and
society back to the center
of concern and not personal
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