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Why Nationalized Health Care Won't Work

The Cons of Nationalized Health Care

Chase Jurgens

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Why Nationalized Health Care Won't Work

Why Nationalized Health Care Won't Work

How Much Money Are We Looking At Spending health care bill will cost the American people over one trillion dollars over the next ten years.

How will we pay for this one trillion dollar price tag?
You will be paying for the new reform if you make over $200,000 you will be taxed an increase of 0.9% on your medicare which is pretty much hospital insurance. That would increase that to 2.53%

The new reform also has in the bill that a new tax would make you pay a precent on all unearned income for example stocks bonds stuff like that.

Do The People In Our Governmemnt Have To Use The Same Health Care As Us? No, most public officals are not required to use the same nationalized health care as the rest of the United States. The freedom to choose your own plan.

The lose of rewards from healthy living or a health life style.

The ability to be able to choose from high deductable plans.

The loss of the existing plan that you are already on.

The freedom to choose your own doctors. Testimonies Limbaugh: "Human beings will die earlier than normal" under "freedom killing" and "life threatening" health-care reform

Americans' beliefs about what would happen if health care reform legislation were to pass sheds light on why opposition may be growing. Majorities agree the plans being considered cost too much money (62 percent), give too much power to Washington-Tami Buhr (Fox News) Statistics
because the bill has not been in action yet we do not know what might happen from waiting room times to the
costs or time between surgeries

The Five Things You Will Lose
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