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Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart A Break.

No description

fiona grafen

on 1 January 2013

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Transcript of Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart A Break.

By Fiona Grafen. Demi Lovato- Give Your Heart A Break Props A mobile phone Locations Outside a brick building Cinematography Long Shot Clothing The outfit the Male character is wearing in this shot is; blue jeans, black leather jacket, t-shirt, black shoes, red Jumper, black hat. Inside a room. The props uses in this shot are;
the lights, cushions, boxes, table, photo frames and the seat. The outfit the female singer is wearing in this shot is a grey cardigan, a black dress and black boots. Close up Editing Cutting The cutting between the two characters tells the audience that they are communicating to each other via mobile phone. Mid shot Extreme Close Up. The outfit that the female singer
is wearing: blue shirt, blue trousers, blue shoes. The male characters outfit is a black t-shirt, black trousers, black shoes. The props used in this shot are a roller, paint and a chair The room before it was painted Outside his hotel with the projector shining on her The box with photographs in it. The only piece of clothing that gets added to the outfit is the leather jacket and necklace. A bag with the photographs in. In the Kitchen White clothing for both the male and female singer/ character. In the living room The outfit for the female is a grey jumper and black trousers The male character's outfit is a black shirt, grey jacket, black trousers. projector By the wall outside his hotel window The female character outfit is a white top with embroidered flowers and jeans. The male character's outfit is a checked shirt and a black hat. camera In the car. In the bedroom nude By the pool Inside his hotel Book
The concept and narrative of this video is that it shows the story about how close the two characters have become since the day they first met each other and how he told her he would never fall in love. Continuity & Montage:
There is a steady beat to the cutting that goes in time with the music and makes the video seem interesting to the viewer Over the shoulder shot Tracking & Panning These different props are used for different reasons. However, they all draw attention to the narrative that is being told in the lyrics. Some of the props are used to show the past experiences that they have had together and how they have memories shown in the photographs that get used to create one photo montage that means a lot to both of them. These locations are used in two ways. Most of them show the past of the two characters and portray how close they are to each other. The other location is outside his hotel and shows the artist performing and expressing her feelings. As well as this it also shows her starting to build something on a wall. The image is revealed at the end of the song.
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