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Pardee Library Student Employee Training

No description

Nicole Thomas

on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of Pardee Library Student Employee Training

What's New!
To-Do at the start of your shift
To-do during your shift
Fill in online time sheet
Attend to the MyPrint printer
Do a Floor Walk every hour
Scan books for the use count record
Re-shelve books
Assist patrons with circulation needs
Complete the patron transaction form
Sign in to the student employee log
Check to see if a floor walk was done for that hour
Check the printers and copiers
Shelve books that are in the intermediate shelving area
Ask if if there are additional duties that you can do
Be attentive
New Circulation Supervisor (Nicole)
Library Website
No late fines
Convenience Points no longer accepted
ALMA coming soon
Things to Remember...
Front Desk
Be attentive
Answer the phone politely and in a professional manner
Actively provide costumer service
Comfortable clothing that allows you to move (walk, bend, climb and stand) comfortably.
Closed toed comfortable shoes.
No underwear as outerwear.
Dress casually, yet appropriately for a work environment.
Do not take personal calls at the front desk (cell phone and library line)
Texting should be avoided
Contact your supervisor when...
You know you will miss scheduled shifts due to planned absence (1 week advanced notice)
Last minute absence
Search/Save cards
Page 11
Use after:
Not available through Worldcat Local http://bu.worldcat.org/.
Recall checked out books
Person who has book is given7 days to return the book
Or if original due date is within this 7 days patron cannot renew
Check intermediate shelving area
Physical shelf check
Availability, Breaks & Absences
History class 9 - 12
Available to work 12:30 – 8:00
Yoga class 8:30 – 9:30
Correct availability listing
Incorrect listing of availability
History class 9 - 12
Available to work 12 – 8:30
Yoga class 8:30 – 9:30
4 consecutive hours =15minute break
6 consecutive hours = 30 minute unpaid break
**All breaks are taken during scheduled shift**
Planned vs. Unplanned Absence
Things to Note
page 11:
page 9:
How to check in and out new books
Note that there are a number of prompts
Make sure that you always select "No" when asked if you want to clear it.
Professors can fill out a reserves form online http://www.bu.edu/library/services/reserves/place-items-on-reserve/
When accepting personal copies collect:
Course (name and number if possible)
Frederick S. Pardee Management Library
Fall 2012 Student Employee Training

PA1000 PA1000 PA1000
K6P3 K64 K7
1993 M2 M5
1996 2012

Staff occasionally tracks shelving so please take your time and please always ask questions. It’s okay to bring books back to the desk to ask!
Some books will end with a year. This will correlate with a publishing date. Not all books will end in a year.
PA1000 PA1000 PA1000
K6P3 K64 K7
M2 M5

PA1000 PA1000 PA1000

PA1000 PA1000 PA1000
K6 K64 KM3
At the Pardee Management Library

PA1000.2 PA1000.23 PA1000.3

HD34.9 HD3000.2 HE3
P173 P235 PA24 PS400 Q16 RS42
First Line
Decimal Numbers on the First Line
The letters are shelved alphabetically (A before B before C… and A before AB before AD)
And numbers go up (1 before 100 before 1,000)
Oftentimes, there is an addition to the first line which consists of a decimal point followed by a number.
Remember that you should read the call number based on alpha/numerical values.

The second line begins as if there was a decimal point.

The second line follows the same rules as the first (letter value the letter value, then the numeric value).

The second line is treated as if it were a decimal value to the first line.
The Last Line
There is oftentimes yet another letter/number combination that follows. The same alphabetical/numerical rules apply.
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