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Copy of Roman Army; Milites

No description

Matthew Hosler

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Roman Army; Milites

what the conditions
were like where in the empire
they could go Pay Organisation
of the army Roman Army Milites In both war and peacetime, each solider recieved the same rate of pay. However before any money was handed to a solider certain deductions were made. E.g they had to pay for their own food, clothing and equipment also they would put some of ht emoney into the military savings bank so what any soldier would claim would be a quarter/fifth of their gross pay. It is uncertain to whether the soldiers felt bad treated because of the pay scheme but they did have some form of promotion to maybe look forward to and eventually a honourable discharge or an allocation of land. Living in
the camp types of soldier Each legion had its own number it
might be called Victorius or Lightning".
Each legion was divided into 10 cohorts.
Each cohort was divided into 6 centuries.
Each century was divided into 10 groups of
8 men who marched, fought, worked and
camped together.

The century was commanded by a Centurion
who carried a vine stick, and had its own
standard or badge carried by a Signifer.

Weapons They fought with short swords, daggers for stabbing and a long spear for throwing. They also carried a shield for protection as well as wearing armour. The legionary's personal weapons were two javelins, a sword and a dagger.

Gladius - sword

Pilum - throwing spear

Pugio - dagger

the roman army was especailly disciplined, adaptive and innovative which allowed them to be almost invincible a roman soldier was heavily trained and discipinled which was well proven as they were said to be the most disciplined soldiers in the world, hence the reason why they had hundreds of years of military sucess The army was organised in a very simple way:

5000 Legionaries (Roman Citizens who were in the army) would form a Legion.

The Legion would be split into centuries (80 men) controlled by a Centurion.

The centuries would then be divided into smaller groups with different jobs to perform.
legionary soldier standard soldier centurion Only Roman citizens could sign up for the army.

They had to be fit.

They were not allowed to marry.

Their armour gave them excellent protection.

They carried a curved shield. They could punch the enemy with the metal boss in the centre.

The Roman military was the most successful and powerful in history, dominating the Western world for over a thousand years. The size, strength and organization of their infantry force wouldn’t be equaled again for another thousand years. The Romans believed themselves to be descendents of Mars, literally the sons of the war god. They were a proud and uncompromising people who above all else excelled at the art of warfare.

the roman empire
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