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Arduino 3

No description

Moatasem El Sayed

on 28 June 2017

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Transcript of Arduino 3

A DC motor is any of a class of electrical machines that converts direct current electrical power into mechanical power.
motor forward
motor with high current
1- Dc motor ( construction and definition )+forward car
2-direction of motor
d-relay module
e-l293 / l298
3-task now ( car)
4- PWM ( speed of motor )

1- Introduction about Arduino
2-input to Arduino
3-Dc motor
4-LCD+temperature sensor lm35
6-shift register
7-servo motor
9-serial communication ( bluetooth )
11- projects
Arduino from one to done 3
DC motor
direction of motor
h bridge with button
h bridge with transistors
h-bridge with relay
direction motor with relay
relay module
l298N motor drive dual motor
task now

has 4 buttons ( sw1-->forward /sw2-->backward/sw3-->right/sw4--->left)
by using
relay and transistors 2n2222
PWM( pulse width modulation)
pins on arduino
task now
car with different speed which it has 4 button to directions and 4 button button to different speed
( 5 ,25 , 100 ,255)
design a system when light comes the car moves
forward with speed 100 pwm , when the dark is coming the car turn off
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