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RDA Demystified

2013 TLA Conference Presentation

Sue Maszaros

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of RDA Demystified

RDA Demystified What is RDA ? What it is: Foundations in FRBR RDA Core Elements Provides a set of guidelines and instructions on formulating data to support resource discovery.
RDA Toolkit 0.0 1. designed for the digital world. (JSC 2007)

2. set of guidelines and instructions covering all types of content and media (JSC 2007)

3. RDA will enable users of library catalogues and other systems of information organization to find, identify, select, and obtain resources appropriate to their information needs (JSC 2007)

4. a flexible and extensible framework - not just for libraries . (RDA Toolkit)

5. designed to take advantage of the efficiencies and flexibility in data capture, storage, retrieval, and display made possible with new database technologies, but to remain compatible with legacy systems. (RDA Toolkit)

6. Distinction between instructions on recording the data and on presentation of data.(RDA Toolkit) Work
Item Title Proper
Statement of Responsibility
Edition Statement
Numbering of Serials
Production Statement
Publication Statement
Distribution Statement What it is What it's for Some History Some Currency Linked Data What it is What it's for Resource Description and Access How it differs from AACR2 RDA in
Non-MARC What it doesn't do How will this look in MARC? What it is Manufacture Statement Copyright Date
Series Statement
Identifier for Manifestation
Carrier Type
Extent Margaret Brown & Sue Maszaros
2013 TLA Conference Terminology used in RDA Work Expression Original Text Spanish Language
Version Manifestation Audio Recording OR OR Item Copy 1 Copy 2 Print Text Epub 1. Do away with your current ILS.

2. Do away with MARC (at least for time being)

3. Do away with the cataloging principles of AACR2

4. Make cataloging less confusing What RDA Does RDA Information
Universe OR Functional Requirements for Bibliographic
Records 1. Provides rules to the cataloger on how to RECORD the attributes a Manifestation, Item, Work, and Expression.

a. Transcribe as it appears but guidelines on abbreviations, capitalization.

b. No longer Rule of three and ISBD punctuation optional.

2. Provides guidelines for choosing the source of information for the resource being described.

3. Provides guidelines on how to record the relationships between these attributes and how to create them.

4. Will still provide guidelines on choice and form of access points.

5. Provides information on relationships between and among records. My Brother's Book has author Maurice Sendak http://www.worldcat.org/title/my-
brothers-book/oclc/795757605 http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/creator http://viaf.org/viaf/96213928 What it's for Libraries Archives Institutional Repositories Publishers RDA in
MARC Reference List Adamich, T. (2008). RDA (Resource Description and Access): The New Way to Say, "AACR2". Knowledge Quest, 36(4), 64-69.

Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA (2007, November 1).Strategic plan for RDA 2005-2009. http://www.rda-jsc.org/docs/5strategic1rev2.pdf

Maxwell, R. L. (2008). FRBR : A Guide for the Perplexed. American Library Association.

Oliver, C. (2010). Introducing RDA : A Guide to the Basics. American Library Association

RDA Toolkit predicate subject object Understanding the RDF
Framework <http://www.worldcat.org/title/my-brothers-book/oclc/795757605>
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