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Electric Circuits

This is about electricity and how it works

Eric Bell

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Electric Circuits

Electricfying Circuits Daily Uses of Eletricity Fan
Lights Out Survival
Have you ever been in a blackout? Well I did I am going
to tell you how I survived in it.
First of all I was in my room playing my game. My family and I was having a good time. I went to get some water from downstairs. When I got my water I went back upstairs. Me and my big sister turned of my game and we started watching T.V.
Another Reason is it was a blackout. When I started watching T.V. all of a sudden it was dark. Everything was off I fleche a little but I was scared. I ran to my mom and dad and said do you or him have a flashlight. My dad said yeah and he had it and gave it to me. I heard a boom boom sound and it was thunder. Man I was scared.
Also I have feelings. See I was scared and all but I got happy because we had a flashlight. Me and my family sat down and just looked at each other and then we started to talk. I am the one who started telling jokes. To keep us warm we put out flashlight ion out face and used blankets to keep us warm on our bodies. My last feeling is surprised because we slept during the blackout.

Finally me and my family survived through a blackout. The next day the lights came on and we jumped up and all I heard was YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Electric Symbols A ConnectingWire
A Bulb
A Battery
A Switch
A Buzzer
A Motor 6 Safety Rules
Safety at Home
Eric Bell
April 19,2010
1. Never use electric things like a radio, TV and other things like that.
2. Never overload outlets with a lot of plugs and cords.
3. Never stick objects in a outlet or a socket.
4. Never leave small appliances running.
5. When you are standing on a wet floor don’t touch anything that’s electricity.
6. Always have a flashlight and make sure you keep it in handy.
Notes Electricity cannot flow without
1. a power supply (like the mans or a battery).
2. a closed circuit to travel around.
The flow of electricity is called current.
Electricity flows around a circuit in one direction
This diagram shows the circuit for a tourch.

Notes The circuit has: -a battery
-a bulb
- wires connecting it all up
There can only be a circuit if the circuit is connected with a materal
that conducts electricity.
Metals are good conductors. Circuit wires are usually made of copper.

A switch allows us to turn the electricity in a circuit on or off, to save energy for example. A switch is just a connection in the circuit that can be easily opened or closed. Notes Circuits can contain other electrical devices.
A fan needs motor. A door bell uses a buzzer and a switch together.
In order for a complete circuit to work you must have wires and a battery. Long wires create more resent than short wire. There always have to be a battery in the circuit for the bulb to light.
In a simple series circuit, why does the bulb light when you close the switch? Because closing the switch complets the circuit.
The lower the V battery it will dimmer the 3.0 V will get brighter
Safety at Home Never use a radio, TV, or hairdryer when you are using the sink or are in the bathtub or shower and don't touch anything that's electric when your hands are wet.
if you're standing on a wet floor, never touch a switch or plug in anything (such as a toaster or hairdryer).
Never overload outlets with too many plugs and extension cords. Never pull a plug out by the cord.
Never stick forgien objects or fingers in an outlet or socket or objects like a fork in a toaster that's plugged up
Make sure to use the proper extension cords. Overloading can cause the insulation or a cord to overheat, melt and expose live wires. Paint Diagrams
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