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HALL TALKS 2016/17

No description

Student Financial Support Team

on 28 September 2016

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Transcript of HALL TALKS 2016/17

Campus Life Team

Student Services

Be Safe, Be Sound
Feeling anxious?
Feeling anxious, homesick, nervous and apprehensive in the first few weeks of University is perfectly normal.
student services
Money Advice
Campus Life
Inclusion Team
Careers and Volunteering
Health and Wellbeing
gp registration & vaccinations
You must register with a local GP if you have not done so already. DO NOT wait until you are ill.
Be safe, be sound
Campus Support Team

HALL TALKS 2016/17
"Creating an engaging, vibrant and inclusive campus for all students"
Contact us:
E. campuslife@edgehill.ac.uk
T. 01695 584872
F. @EHUCampusLife

We are based in the SIC Building
At Edge Hill, we offer a number of services to help and support you through all aspects of your University experience
Located in the SIC Building, the following services are available
Beacon Primary Care Medical Practice is your local GP
Tel: 01695 736000
Speak to staff at Milton House on Ruff Lane regarding Meningitis Vaccinations
Health and Safety
Look out for each other and stick together
Respect your surroundings, this is your home for the next 9 months
Report any faults or damages via My FM online
Offer a 24 hour service for your safety, welfare and security
Concerned? Contact them 24/7 on 01695 584227 or text them on 07785 928911
Observe the University's Code of Behaviour
Students who do not abide by the code will be dealt with accordingly
personal safety
Make the most of your University experience
Have fun, make friends and memories
Any ideas? Suggestions?
Contact the Campus Life Team
Contact us:
E. campuslife@edgehill.ac.uk
T. 01695 584872
F. @EHUCampusLife
Student Halls

• Always lock your doors and close windows, especially if you're on the ground floor.

• Be aware of who lives around you – challenge people you don’t know trying to enter your corridor, or contact security if you are have any concerns.

• Don’t leave flat doors open so that friends can come in – thieves can then come in too.

Personal property
• Lock property in your room when you are not using it. Do not leave it out on display near windows.

• Mark your postcode on to your property with an ultra violet marking pen. This will make it easier to return if it is stolen.

Look after your personal belongings when out and about - use common sense! Don't leave things of value unattended.

Don't leave drinks unattended - if someone offers to buy you a drink, go to the bar with them.
Know your limits and pace yourself.
Police in Ormskirk take a zero tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour. Penalty notices for disorder cost £80
• Remember that drink lowers inhibitions and makes you more vulnerable to theft or assault. If something happens to you, report it to the police.
And finally.......
Respect your neighbours,
on and off campus
These are not helmets!!
Removal of road signs is a criminal offence under the road traffic act –
you might think it is funny but it can also be considered as theft!
Emergency numbers
Police non-emergency dial 101
Emergency dial 999
Notify campus support if you call the Police, ambulance or fire service 01695 584227 or 2222 from an internal line
Follow PC Paul on Facebook:
16 Student Assistants (SA's)
Neil Habberfield
Jenny Spruce
Campus Life Managers
Campus Life Assistant - Alexander Messenger
Social Group 5pm every Thursday
Talent Show 4th October
IKEA Trip 6th October
Halloween Free Film 28th October
Student Grub 9th December
Manchester Christmas Markets - November
Trip to Farmaggedon - TBC
Please call into the Student Information Centre, to update your card details with us as soon as you get your student bank account. At the same time you can pay your first instalment rather than wait until the 13th October or 22nd October when it may have been spent on other things!
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