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Gender Equality: Kids Story

No description

Paola Covarrubias

on 13 September 2015

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Transcript of Gender Equality: Kids Story

They were getting nearer to the Light when all of a sudden Opel saw a Hawk coming their way. “
!” Opal tried to warn Ansel but it was too late. The hawk had already clamped his claws into Ansel’s body. Opal couldn’t bare losing a new friend, so she flew as fast as she could toward the Hawk and deepened her claws into the hawk’s eyes. The hawk dropped Ansel and flew away with a squeal. Ansel fell until he hit the floor.
Opal wasn’t ready for this, It was one of her mother’s biggest rules. “I told you! You can’t take a challenge,” mocked Ansel. “Count me in,” Opal replied. “Well then at the count of three,” Ansel answered. “Alright but make it quick,” Opal replied worried. “One, Two, Three!” They both opened their wings and took off as fast as they could. Ansel was a big bird so Opal thought there was no way she could win.

Opal only knew "The Tree”. She had grown there with her mother and was taught all she knew. There were two things her mother always told her to remember, first: she could never leave the tree until she was old enough and second she could never be told that she was below anybody, not even her own mother.
"I bet I can go the farthest,” one of the new birds said. “
Hello, my name is Opal, can I play
?” Opal tried to look friendly but the other birds only looked looked at her weirdly and annoyed at her. “My name is Ansel and we don’t play with girls. They are weak and can’t put up with anything,” Ansel replied harshly. “You haven’t even given me a chance. We should all be treated equally. Girls and Boys are all the same,” Opal tried to explain.

Are you okay
?” Opal asked but there was no reply. “
Ansel please wake up
!” Opel begged. The other birds got closer including Opel’s mother. “
Opel how could you leave the tree! You put yourself in danger,
”yelled Opals mother “
I’m sorry mother I just had to prove that gender doesn’t matter and that we are all equal, but it got out of hand. Please just help Ansel
.”replied Opal. “
Don’t worry he'll be alright, he just has a broken wing
,” Opel’s mother assured her.
Danger swoops
Opal's lesson
the teaching from a little bird

By: Paola Covarrubias and
Emily Lomas

Diving into danger
The beginning of the end
Opal stands up
After the incident Ansel treated everyone with respect. He learned that everyone has an equal chance of accomplishing anything they dream of no matter what gender they are. Opal came to be a good teacher for all the baby birds and she had been a hero for all the girl birds. Opal felt great being helpful to the bird community, but more importantly she taught herself to reach for the sky.
What happened after
The accident
She passed her time dreaming of the future and wondered what she would do when she grew up. For now she just played, hopping from branch to branch until one day some new birds flew in.
Ansel didn’t even listen, he just kept playing with his friends. Opal had had enough, she was going to prove to all of them that she could take anything.
“I can prove it. I want to be part of the game.” “Are you sure you won’t get scared. This is only for older birds,” Ansel replied with a smirk. “Bring it on,” replied Opal. “The rules are easy, the bird that flies the farthest to that light without being noticed by their parent wins.”
bring it on
Opal saw Ansel open his eyes and she had never felt any happier. “
Opal I’m sorry... I shouldn’t have underestimated you. You saved my life. Please forgive me
,” Ansel told Opal, with a guilty face “
I think you’ve learned your lesson. There should be Gender equality because boys and girls were made the same way
.” Ansel and Opal became best friends and will always have each other’s back.
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