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Division Kickoff Meeting

DOSA Presentation - 2012

Megan Vogel

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Division Kickoff Meeting

September 14, 2012
Division Kickoff Meeting
• It might be hard on you too
• You will want to save the day
• Parenting will be harder now than ever
What to expect
from yourself?
Why Not?
Thank You!
Welcome - New Staff
Social Media Team:
Devin Bartolotta Brenna Kowall
Victoria Calderon Taylor Olmstead
Shaina Kass Kristin Salaky

Division committees
Multipurpose center
Housing master plan
Tobacco-free initiative
Student Senate Executives:
President: Zachary George
Vice President: Amrit Saini
Treasurer: Evan Ecos
Student Trustees:
Allison Arnold
Amanda Roden
Program Gives Migrant Students Extra Help
The Texas Tribune
Published: September 8, 2012
The Status Quo Is Not Working
The Chronicle of Higher Education
By Michael Stratford
Published: August 28, 2012
Into the Future with MOOC's
The Chronicle of Higher Education
By Kevin Carey
Published: September 3, 2012
Learning Failure
Inside Higher Ed
By Itir Toksöz
Published: September 9, 2012
If Twitter Is a Work Necessity
The New York Times
By Jennifer Preston
Published: February 29, 2012
The New York TImes
By Nathan S. Webster
June 13, 2012
For a New Teacher, a Soldier’s Lessons on
Helping Veterans Fit In
State higher-ed officials to vote Monday
on tobacco ban at Ohio’s public campuses
The Columbus Dispatch
Published: July 20, 2012
I'm giving you permission...
I trust you...
It's okay to fail...
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