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Tongkunlong Parnchinda

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of E-Safety


E-safety is how you could be save in internet like avoiding virus and other bad stuff in internet
in this presentation you will know how to keep safe when you use
and more
What is E-safety?
chat-room is
where you chat people online
safe tips
safety tip in chat-room
don't tell or put to much information about
don't trust the people that you talking with accept it your friend or family
don't click link that feel suspicious
also don't be rude in chat or you can lose a friend
How to keep safe in CHat-room?
g-mail is like a internet mail which you can add other people mail and talk with them
safety tips
delete all mail that are send from
don't reply back when somebody send you mail if you don't know them
how to keep safe in g-mail
this is how to be safe in your favorite online game
don't use real name use nickname
don't get mad when you lose or win it just a game
don't use cheat code or hack or you will get ban
also tell parent to help you download or you could accidentally download a virus
how to keep safe in online game
cyberbullying mean people bullying people in the internet or other electronic communication like Facebook , twitter , Instagram , snap chat , by calling people , text message and etc.
in the next slide you will know how to stop cyberbullying.
what is Cyberbullying ?
How to stop cyberbullying?
this will only when someone cyberbullying you
first, if someone send you send you rude message block them
second, tell trust parent or teacher
third, report them
forth, don't reply back
if you can follow this step you will be fine and never be cyber bullying
what is phishing (not fishing)
phishing is when somebody send you a fake email that contain you to click link to write your password and user name.
the fake email that will send to you could look like a pay pal email
when you click the link next when you put your password and user name the stranger that send you the email he will know your user name and password next day your credit card have no more money in it
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