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6th Grade Can Really Kill You But Only If You Let It (book)

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Oliwia Dabrowska

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of 6th Grade Can Really Kill You But Only If You Let It (book)

6th Grade Can Really Kill You But Only If You Let It....
Barthe DeClements
By Oliwia Characters The main character is Helen. She is a trouble maker. A lot of the kids in school call her Bad Helen. Also there is her best friend Louise. Louise is a kind girl and she is really sweet. Setting! The setting is modern day and it is about December because it is almost Christmas vacation. The author didn't say where it takes place but it is probably where it snows in the winter because the author did say that it was snowing. Conflict! Helen is failing in school and her mom and dad think it might be because of her teacher. She also has trouble with reading and a lot of her other subjects. The Point of View! The point of view in this story is first person. In this book Helen the main character is the narrator. The Theme of the Book! The lesson in the book is probably if you have a goal don't give up on it. I think that's the message in the book because even though Helen was really bad at her subjects she tried and never gave up. When she came home she would always practice reading with her mom. Plot!! One of the major events in the book were that Helen got to have a different teacher. A different event is she painted four words on the school but she spelled a word wrong. The Rating of the Book!! I think it was a good book but
it wasn't much of a challenge so I would give it a 5. Excerpt!!! I like this part of the book "the door to the workshop was open. I stopped in the center of the floor to survey dad's workbench. Black spray paint. I snatched up the can." This was on page 100. I liked this part of the book because it makes you think what is going to happen next!
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