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Immigration to the USA

No description

Gro Liland

on 3 October 2018

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Transcript of Immigration to the USA

Immigration to the USA
Three Waves
Two waves; 1)before 1882 2) after 1943
Pull factors: work - gold - chain migration -opportunity - freedom
Push factors: hard times
Racism - The Chinese Exclusion Act 1862
West Coast
Asian Immigration to the US
Jamestown 1607
Plymouth 1620
Ellis Island (New York) 1882-1954
Angel Island (San Francisco) 1910-1940
Pull factors: freedom of speech, religion, abundance of land, gold, work, peace
America, the Land of Opportunity
Southern and eastern Parts of Europe
Push factors: overcrowded cities, unemployment, WWI
Pull factors: work, Chain migration
East and Midwest cities

Second Wave 1890-1920
Pull factors: land - resources - new life
Northern Europe (The British Isles, Germany and France)
Puritans - "Manifest Destiny"
East coast - New England
First Wave 1820-1880s
Northern and western Europeans (Norwegians - Irish)
Chain migration
Push factor: The Potato Famine (1845)
Pull factor: Gold (1848)
The Homestead Act 1862 (160 acres)
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