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what is doing catholic theology about

an introduction to doing college theology

gil donayre

on 28 January 2011

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Transcript of what is doing catholic theology about

by Edilberto Jimenez why do theology? THESIS:
There is a gap that exists between our faith and our everyday life. Why is there a gap? - a kind of Christianity that has developed in the Philippines,
- faith is a social fact not a personal conviction
- we do the practices of our faith simply because that's how things have been
- our faith is taken for granted, left unquestioned
- no owning of one's faith - a practice of faith on certain occasions but live the rest of one's lives as if God is inexistent

- split-level Christianity - co-existence within the same person of two or more thought behavior systems which are inconsistent

-KBL - a gradual but radical evolution in society that sees a shift from faith in God to faith in humanity - there is no one single worldview on what is right or proper

- espouses a culture of emancipation, unconstrained guilt, pursuit of possessions and self-gratification A. Folk Catholicism B. Practical Atheism C. Spiritual Blindness D. Secularism E. Pluralism - immense scandals of massive poverty, injustice,
lawlessness and violence
- exploitation of the rich THEOLOGY definitions: talking about God studying of God and his relation to the world the study of religious faith faith seeking understanding Illustration: Faith Honesty Everyday Experience Cheating faith life everyday life marriage is commitment divorce god is love suffering in the world love for the environment pollution Each to his own preference kaharap ko sa dyip
ang isang ale
nagrorosaryo, mata niya'y nakapikit
pumara sa may kumbento
sa babaan lang po sabi ng tsuper
kasi may nanghuhuli..
mura pa rin ng mura ang ale nangangaral sa kalye ang isang lalake,
hiningan ng pera ng batang pulubi
pasensya na para daw sa templo
pangkain lang po sabi ng paslit
talaga bang hindi pupuwede
lumipat ng pwesto ang lalake banal na aso,
santong kabayo,
natatawa ako Anuman ang iyong ginagawa sa iyong kapatid
Ay siya ring ginagawa mo sa akin buildings hairstyle music media influence Need for a bridge. Theology aims to unify Christian faith with daily life. To do theology is to close the gap betweeen the Gospel message of Christianity with the concrete personal experiences of believer. Theology is YOUR course. Integrating YOUR faith with YOUR experience.
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