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Alexander Mackenzie slide show of awesomeness and class presentation

In our slide show we will tell you about Alexander Mackenzie

Kaveri Gunaratnam

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Alexander Mackenzie slide show of awesomeness and class presentation

Overview part 1
As a worker in the northwest company trading fur in Western Canada Alexander became the first European to cross the continent of north America!He achieved his feat in 2 expeditions exploring the now called the Mackenzie river to the arctic ocean at Beaufort sea.
A.m Question game
1.What Ocean's or river's did Mackenzie find?Why?Why not?Explain the answer.
Alexander Mackenzie
In the late eighteenth century two royal charted companies dominated the fur trader in Canada : the Hudson bay company,doing business from the shores of the bay ,which had established trading posts in the countries interior,where furs trapped by the native Americans tribes were exchanged for europeans goods.Trading relationships between the tribes of north America already or always existed,and independent traders and trappers had for years been infiltrating the cross country trade.

Welcome to the museum of Alexander Mackenzie!
while working towards expanding the reach of the northwest company,Mackenzie made new deals with tribes that have never before seen Europeans and created new trading ways for furs and other valuable goods in western Canada.

Alexander Mackenzie discovered a river now that river is called Mackenzie river . Although he found the Mackenzie river he did not find the north west passage while he was sailing on a river so he called it the disappointment river.
Alexander Mackenzie was a fur trader because he wanted to be wealthy.

2.What was Alexander Mackenzie?why?
3.What happened to Alexander once his mother died ?
After Alexander's mother died which was sad he sailed to new york to stay with his dad and his uncle.
Written by Ashwin and Kaveri
s0rry if it was long but still...
4.Who really discovered the north west passage?
explorers thought that they discovered the north west passage but really and its the
inuits aka smart people in the cold wild.

presentated by Ashwin and
5.Why did he go to
His father and uncle served in the war in 1776 so he went to live with his aunts

6.What did Mackenzie do after his 2
Alexander returned to Canada
and wanted to try again.On May 8
1793 Alexander and his team
set out from Montreal by canoe.
7.What was Alexander searching for?Why was he exploring?
part 2
the royal charted companies sought to expand that trade by creating trading posts where the tribes could bring furs for exchange and that would serve as exchange centers in the company's trade network.
In 1764, Mackenzie was born in Stornaway . He was the third of four children.When only fourteen years old, Mackenzie's father served to protect Stornaway . He later became a merchant. His grandfather being a younger brother of Murdoch Mackenzie. he sailed to New York City with his father to join his uncle , in 1774, his mother died in Scotland. 1776, during the American War of Independence, his father and uncle joined the King's Royal . By 1778, for his safety as a son of loyalists, young Mackenzie was sent to take care by his two aunts at Montreal. At 1779 a year before mackenies father died.

Now lets test your knowledge and play a game because its getting too boring
This is how to play the game:
1.The team that we assigned to you is your team for the whole game.2.whatever the question is wright the right answer and if you get it right you will get a ticket as a point.
3.When everyone has finished the question and one of us has checked it then we will show the answer on the slide show.4.If you have a question then one of us will help you and give you a hint .5.Remember there are 7 questions so give it your all and whoever has the most tickets will not only win but will get a prize!We will announce the winning team at the credits!!!
let the
game begin!
These are some interesting and really awesome facts about Alexander.Some are even things that you've never heard of about him
P.s at the end of the slide show we will show you a short video about Alexander Mackenzie and we will have a special thing at the end so pay attention!!!Aka I'm watching you Kaveri.
Now a video from school kids from 4 years ago they made a video about Alexander Mackenzie find the pacific
Alexander Mackenzie
was exploring because he was looking for fur and he was searching because he needed money and to be wealthy
Oh I forgot
and the
winner of the question game is...
we hope you enjoyed so Thanks for watching!!!
Other part 1
1792, he set out once again to find a route to the Pacific ocean with two native guides,also with his cousin Alexander Mac Kay, and six Canadian voyageurs and a dog simply called "Our Dog". Mackenzie left from Fort Chipewyan on 10 October 1792 and traveled on the Pine River to the Peace River.
Other part 2
Now you might of thought Alexander Mackenzie or other explorers found the northwest passage but the inuit really found the northwest passage.
Mackenzie was exploring because he was looking for fur and he was looking because he needed to be wealthy in other words he needed money.
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