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The Glass Castle

No description

Abby Smith

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of The Glass Castle

sober father; capture's children's imagination
Glass Castle
Themes and Tone
" since neither you nor dad could be bothered to do the job, the government was going to do the job of splitting up the family for you."(Walls 194)

Joshua Tree(35)
: represents Jeanette's life growing up somewhat like a normal kid and found her way to success despite being neglected as a child.

demonstrates many sad incidents that Jeanette had face throughout her life from poverty to the lack of care from her parents.

The Glass Castle:
Represents Rex's hope for a magical, fantastic life in which he can provide for his family and please his children.
Represents remains with Jeannette in her childhood and helps her to believe that her father will do what he promises.
When she discovers that this is not always true and realizes that the Glass Castle will never actually be built, she has reached adulthood.

The Glass Castle
A Brief Summary
resilience and redemption
deeply dysfunctional, yet
lively family
by Jeannette Walls
free spirited mother who hates the idea of being a dependent woman and didn't want responsibility of raising a family
drunk father; dishonest and destructive
Growing up independently, the kids eventually found their way to NY to be followed by their parents
Child neglect:
affects child development in three main ways: mentally, emotionally and physically.
Hope; sympathy; nostalgia; remorse; detachment.
The End
“Children begin by
their parents; as they grow older they
them; sometimes, they
-Oscar Wilde

Child Neglect
- occurs when a child's basic need -like shelter; healthy food; supervision and education are frequently not met.

"I got the cuts and 
bruises playing outside and the burns
from cooking hot dogs" (Walls 9)

"Mom says I'm mature for my age," 
I told them. "and she lets me cook for myself a lot." (Walls 15)

Self-sufficiency, nonconformity,
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