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the pros and cons

Claire Marie

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Cartoons

T.V can get in the way of a child's playing and interacting with parents and others, which are crucial to a young child's development
Television's Negative Effect On Children
Why Television Is Unhealthy For Children
Not only can watching television harm a young child mentally, both children and adults can become physically harmed by watching too much TV. Scientific studies show that excessive use of TV and internet are linked directly to childhood obesity. Overweight and obese children are more likely to have wight problems as adults and throughout their entire life.
"Adult" Cartoons
The Bad
The Good
Developing Learning Skills
Educational Entertainment
Some studies show cartoons can help children concentrate
Improves & enhances child
vocabulary skills and word pronunciation
They build up the imagination level
of most children
Many cartoons claim to give young kids a
boost in creativity
Cartoons made specifically for young children can be both entertaining and educational
The scripts of many child aimed television shows help to improve both language and speech skills in young children
Promotes problem solving through characters overcoming obstacles and challenges
Watching characters interact and converse with one another can enhance social skills
Most cartoons provide humor that is appropriate for children
Children learn to distinguish and identify different shapes and colors
Learn about different animals, cultures, and places
The Wonder Pets
The Backyardigans
Go Diego Go
The Magic School Bus
Little Einsteins
Many cartoons on T.V, even ones aimed at children, set bad examples and encourage bad behavior and show violence
The commercials children are exposed to while viewing television are not all appropriate
Children who watch T.V for several hours a day can develop short attention spans
Some studies show that watching cartoons can relieve stress and work to sooth the brain
As the young children enter grade school, television can begin to interfere with homework, studying, spending time with family, and physical activity
How Television and Cartoons Affect Young Children
The more TV a child watches, the more likely they are less muscular fit for their age
The majority of kids snack while watching TV
Influences of fast food and junk food commercials
Less motivated and interested in physical activity
Today, there are many cartoons on the air that focus mainly on adult humor. Although adults and even older teens may enjoy these shows and find them entertaining, many young children are watching being exposed to the age-inappropriate humor these cartoons provide. Many believe these programs aren't appropriate for anyone to view.
Family Guy
American Dad
South Park
The Simpsons
Child Exposure To:
Vulgar language
Inappropriate jokes
Stereotyping, racism, gender discrimination
Inappropriate sexual references
Setting Bad Examples
Phineas and Ferb
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants
Timmy Turner
The Fairly Odd Parents
Do you think cartoons benefit or harm children?
The End
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