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No description

Year3 Academy

on 17 June 2016

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Transcript of Pirates

Pirate ship
Pirates could only attack one ship at a time. Once they had taken over a ship they had to go jail also pirates had made their ship from strong wood. Almost all pirates had stolen their ship because they could 't buy ship.
In really life pirates bury treasure. In the treasure box there is money , gold and diamond pirates stole treasure also pirates stole whatever they found in the treasure box.
Famous pirates
Black beard stared to be a pirates wen he was young.sir Henry Morgan wanted to make money.Long john silver has one leg and
Pirates use weapons in a fight they use swords, Cutlasses, Daggers,Pistols,Cannons ,Guns,Bow and Arrows

Here are
some extra assets :
pirates are captain and are charge of pirates ship. Pirates believed wearing pierced ear-rings would improve their eyesight. Pirates believed having women on board their ship would mean bad luck will occur. They also thought whistling on a ship would cause a thunder-storm. Pirates would take over islands and make it a haven for them selves.
By Krisha
Pirates weapons
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