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HSL Complication

No description

Drew Steinke

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of HSL Complication

HSL Complication
Written By: Hi Im Your Fate
Now, at rule #3,
it clearly states that
is a privilege, not a right. Again on the OFFICIAL HSL WEBSITE, what every player of the tournament is supposed to use for the rules and regulations.
The player on Alberts team, known as Silverfish also the coordinator stated by the HSL website, which means he would be the individual that would reschedule a match. But you see, silverfish never made an attempt to contact our team coordinator Marc N. (aka TheHandsome1). Our team sat in lobby for over 1 hour waiting for Silverfish to add Marc or any of us on Millbrooks team.
This is a schedule from HSL of when teams are supposed to vs. other teams. We were supposed to play Albert's team on 2/15 but since it was a break day we would play them on 2/22, which is were the complication mainly occurred. Somehow Silverfish had forgotten about Millbrook..... It also confuses me why Silverfish did NOT even add TheHandsome1 on that day. Also even when TheHandsome1 added silverfish multiple times on 2/22 2014 many hours before our match at 5 PM EST, he never added him or tried to reschedule. Also how did Silverfish mess up with thinking they would play their week 5 opponent when it clearly show ROUND 4 on 2/22.
As you can CLEARLY see from the image above, which is from the official website of HSL, you can see that all teams ARE DEFAULTLY supposed to show up to matches at 5 PM. Team Millbrook is in the EST time zone as well as Albert's team.
Now unless I am blind, i can assure you I can see that Millbrook High school is 2:0 vs McLean High School A.
These two logos are probably very familiar to Albert, especially since he was using them while our match was supposed to occur. We had quite a large crowd awaiting, eagerly watching their screens to see Millbrook vs TEAM BOXBOX! But at 5:10 EST on 2/22 2014, and Albert was still playing his silly little game with his friends, our crowd started to worry. So they started to spam Alberts chat, Notifying him that he had a game vs Millbrook for the HSL tourney. Albert saw these messages filling his chat and started to panic, very confused and disoriented and still playing iSketch.....
So we did make a clear attempt to try to play them. But what we later learned from talking to Albert was that their coordinator, Silverfish was on a PLANE. So if he was concerned at the tournament at all , he should of contacted TheHandsome1 and been more mature/responsible as well as on top of things. We should not have to suffer because of a .
Here is a conversation between Albert and I. And would you Look at THIS, a
from Albert on our win in text. He also states that it was OUR bad (Team BoxBox) clearly suggesting that he fully understood the rules about a no show.
If anyone would like to see the full conversation, I would gladly share it. (It does have some fanboy questions to forewarn you. I mean who would not freak out if they met a famous player on their favorite game, kinda sucks how i actually know the real Albert now....
This photo was taken at 5:10 EST, 2/22 2014. It shows team Millbrook waiting patiently in the lobby to get a message or something from silverfish or rather anyone on team Boxbox. Our team felt that it was rather BM of team Boxbox to leave us hanging for over an hour (yes we stayed this long since our friends wanted to watch the game) in the lobby before making a desperate attempt to message Thehandsome1 and Hi Im Your Fate after realizing the mistake he had commited. Which was a "No Show" (definition from google).
This photo was also taken by TheHandsome1 at 5:11 EST 2/22 2014. Showing that the player Silverfish had not added or made an attempt in anyway to contact TheHandsome1.
Silverfish = Team coordinator, we will discuss him later.
Besides having to deal with constant spam of friend requests and messages from Albert and his team, we also had to deal with very toxic admins. They had no idea how to handle this situation. Because of Box Box their inner fan boy came out!
Now lets move on shall we!
While negotiating with TheHandsome1, the admin; David Guo, was very toxic and seemed incapable to listen to both sides. He mainly chose to support Team Box Box.
David also seemed to have made up his mind before even discussing the issue with our team. He said he was busy and pushed the situation on us. Then David being the busy admin he is, starts a game while the conversation was still occurring. We thought it was extremely rude and immature.
After reading all of our statements, put yourself in our shoes. How would u feel and react if this were to happen to you?
The Admins
Here is how he was treating us.
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