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Jonathon Lee

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of Divergent

By: Veronica Roth
Rising Action 1
When Beatrice lived as Abnegation with her family, she often wondered about her life after the choosing ceremony that maybe she may not belong in Abnegation. On the day of the aptitude test, Beatrice's test administrator Tori ran the simulation to determine the faction that is suitable for Beatrice. Unfortunately, the simulation came to reveal a shocking truth that Beatrice was Divergent and was told by Tori to not tell anyone about it, even her family.
Setting: - Chicago (Near future)
- After a war that transitioned society to live a new era known as the Great Peace
- During the Great Peace, society is divided into 5 unique factions, Abnegation (selflessness), Candor (honesty), Amity (kindness), Erudite (knowledge) and Dauntless (Courage)
- This system is believed by many people to prevent wars and to maintain peace.

- Tris (Beatrice) - Molly
- Caleb - Myra
- Tris' Mother/Father - Peter
- Four - Drew
- Eric - Edward
- Al - Tori
- Will - Marcus
- Christina
Rising Action 2
During the choosing ceremony, Beatrice struggled to choose between staying as Abnegation with her parents or joining Dauntless. As Beatrice took the knife from Marcus, she dragged the blade across her palm, shifted her hand over the bowl of Coals and let her blood drip over them. She knew that her life wasn't suitable to live as a member of Abnegation so she favoured Dauntless, the life of bravery.
Rising Action 3
In the Dauntless compound, Beatrice competes with 8 other transfer initiates and many other Dauntless-born initiates to be chosen as a member of Dauntless. Beatrice also decides to go by the name "Tris" so that she can begin her new life in Dauntless. Later in her final fear test simulation, Four eventually finds out that Tris was Divergent. Tris was then warned that her secret could mean death for her.
Falling Action
Book review
Character Analysis: Tris
Character Analysis: 1 Eric
Character Analysis: 2 Tobias (Four) Eaton
Character Analysis: 3 Peter
Theme :
Overcoming fears makes people stronger
Tris vs. Dauntless initiation
Throughout the story, we saw that Tris struggled to find her true identity in what faction she should join. When Tris decided her life as Dauntless, she soon realized that she had to undergo a highly competitive initiation in order to become a true member of Dauntless. She competed with people who had hostile views towards her, especially Peter who sprayed the word "stiff" on her bedding, as well as kidnapping her with two other boys. In the initiation, Tris had to show her skills and bravery in competing against other initiates in capture the flag, knife throwing, firing a gun and hand to hand combat.
As Tris' mom and her daughter fight their way through the Dauntless soldiers, she ends up sacrificing herself to save Tris. Tris soon spots Caleb, her father, and Marcus hidden in a basement. The group decides to head to the Dauntless headquarters to stop the serum. As they look for the control room, Tris' father dies while trying to fight through a group of Dauntless that were guarding a door.
Afterwards, Tris saves Four and stops Jeanine from executing the people of Abnegation by shutting down the simulation in the Dauntless control room. In the end, Tris, Four and the rest of the group head out into the city where they took the train to Amity headquarters, hoping to find safety.
- Beatrice "Tris" Prior is the main protagonist of the story Divergent.
- She is an ambitious 16-year old girl who was born in the faction Abnegation where she lived with her mother, father and brother, Caleb.
- At an early age, Beatrice had shown multiple traits of curiosity and selfishness, and was often scolded by her brother for not following the values of Abnegation.
- These traits are eventually revealed in Beatrice's aptitude test when her test administrator told her that she was Divergent.
- Tris' unique personality allows her brain to act in different traits from Abnegation, Erudite and Dauntless. She can make different choices and express different feelings that most people would not be able to do.
- In Dauntless, she expressed extreme bravery that she didn't know she had in her. Tris proved her quote,"I am selfish. I am brave." that she was worthy to be a member of Dauntless.
After Tris passed her mother's message to her brother at Erudite headquarters, Tris returns back to Dauntless where Four warns her that Erudite were planning a war with Abnegation. On the day of the invasion, every Dauntless member were given a serum but since Tris and Four were Divergent, they were immuned to them and pretended to be controlled by Dauntless/Erudite. During the invasion between Erudite and Abnegation, Tris and Four were captured. Jeanine the antagonist decided to use a new mind control serum on Four and execute Tris since she got shot.
- Eric is one of the Dauntless leaders and instructor for the Dauntless initiates in the story Divergent.
- He is an 18-year old ruthless leader who transferred from Erudite at the age of 16.
- Unlike Four, he is brutal and rough to the transfers and enjoys watching them suffer. Eric was quoted as "a babysitter who sharpens knives."
- Eric reveals his ruthless behavior when he dragged Christina out of the arena and had her hang over the chasm for surrenduring a fight against Molly.
- He is an enemy of Four because of losing to him in competing for 1st place throughout their entire initiation in the past before becoming a leader of Dauntless.
- Eric has a more pitiless and unfeeling view towards bravery in Dauntless.
- Throughout the story, he works along with an Erudite member Jeanine who was responsible for injecting all of the Dauntless members with the serum to demolish Abnegation. He was also willing to achieve his goal in executing every Divergent in the city.
- Eric's behavior and peronality did not change throughout the story and remained the same.
- Four is a leader of Dauntless and an instructor for the transfer initiates along with Eric in the story Divergent.
- He was initially born as Abnegation but transferred to Dauntless due to his abusive father Marcus.
- His nickname "Four" represents his four fears, his father, heights, killing people and small spaces (claustrophobic). In the Dauntless compound, he chooses to ignore those fears when he makes his decisions.
- Throughout the story, Four plays one of the bigger roles as a main protagonist along with Tris. This is because he himself provides Tris the support, courage and combat experiences in the initiation, as well as being her protective boyfriend.
- As the relationship between Tris and Four grew closer, Four revealed his secret to her of also being Divergent from the tattoos of the different factions on his back. He explains his secret from the quote,"I don't want to be just one thing, I can't be. I want to be brave and I want to be selfless, intelligent and honest and kind."
- From looking at the views from other characters in the story, he is seen as a mysterious and quiet person, but is also an honorable leader.
- Peter is a transfer initiate from Candor and one of the antagonist in the story Divergent.
- He is shown to be cruel, jealous and evil towards the other initiates in the Dauntless compound, especially towards Tris.
- His sadistic and selfish behaviour leaded him in stabbing Edward in the eye with a butter knife so that he could place 1st over Edward in the initiation.
- Peter was also responsible for kidnapping Tris along with Al and Drew, pulling off Tris' towel after she was showering and verbal tormenting other initiates.
- As the story proceeds towards the end, Peter soon realized that he wanted to change his cold-blooded self and to become more humane towards other people. He mentions in his quote, "I want the serum because I'm sick of being this way, I'm sick of doing bad things and liking it and then wondering what's wrong with me. I want it to be over. I want to start again.”
Throughout the story, fear has been one of the most central themes behind every character. For example, in the faction of Dauntless, there were misconceptions that the members were fearless people. In fact, every initiate has their own fears and will spend a lot of time confronting those fears in fear simulations. The Dauntless initiates know that they cannot let their fears control them because it will lead them to becoming factionless. This mentality can be applied to our lives whenever we go through difficult situations. When we look at a cemetery, we picture all the people who lost their lives from old age, etc. But if we take that into perspective, the cemetery symbolises all of the inventions, plans and ideas that people had thought of but never came to reality. This is because we are all afraid of making mistakes and taking risks, therefore we don't give the world our full potential. We try to make up excuses so that we don't have to deal with that particular fear that we have. It is impossible to become fearless about our fears, but what we can do is learn how to control them by taking risks and to step out of our comfort zones.
After reading the novel "Divergent," it is proven that the author had achieved her purpose in revealing the important themes in the story. One of the noticeable themes is about understanding our identities and where we fit in with other people. In reality, we have the choice to change who we are and how we deal with different situations in our lives. In Tris' world, most people are fixed to only having one personality trait so that every person has their own role in society in order to maintain peace. Unfortunately for Tris, her unique personality prevents her from being part of society because of her multiple traits that could potentially cause interference with the faction system. What I find interesting about the author's style of writing is how she explains Tris' mind and mood throughout the story; it is easily understood and relatable to the reader. A lot of the times, as Tris narrates in the story, she is straightforward and sincere when she describes her actions and thoughts in each scene, "Tomorrow at the Choosing Ceremony, I will decide on a faction; I will decide the rest of my life; I will decide to stay with my family or abandon them."(pg.2). But at times, Tris also shares her uncertainty about her own feelings and thoughts while trying to understand her identity in her world, "Maybe the answer is neither. Maybe I am wired like the Divergent."(pg.253). Unlike the society in Divergent, Tris is very similar to how human beings should think and act in reality; we make different decisions, and express different feelings in our lives. A strength from the book is the realism of each character. I really appreciate how every character has a purpose in the story and it's relation to our lives. Tris' life in the Dauntless Compound and our lives have a lot in common in terms of building relationships, dealing with those who humiliate us, stepping out of our comfort zones and making crucial decisions. A weakness that is seen in the book is the corruption of the faction system. During the climax of the book, we see that the faction system eventually triggers a war between factions when the Erudite and Dauntless tried to overthrow the Abnegation government. The war also exposes the faults of each faction when people become extremists in their values and idealogies. Overall, the book is well written and can really make the audience think and imagine what society would be like if people only had the choice of living only one way with another group of people. The book made me realize how fear is such a big aspect in our lives. In the story, the Dauntless are known to brave and cowardless people. But many of the members seem to be uncertain about what bravery really is, especially when their initiation consists of learning how to shoot a gun, throw knives and fight one another. In the scene where Al chooses to not hurt people during a fight with other Dauntless initiates makes Tris uncertain about the matter whether if Al was either a coward or not, "You're not a coward just because you don't want to hurt people," I say, because I know it's the right thing to say, even if I'm not sure I mean it. For a moment we are both still, looking at each other. Maybe I do mean it. If he is a coward, it isn't because he doesn't enjoy pain. It is because he refuses to act."(pg.77-78). This quote taught me how approaching a fear can depend on how we look at bravery. This scene from the novel is related to when a few past friends of mine decided to bully a kid in school. I was in shock with what happened and the first thing that I thought was whether if I should help stand up for the kid or simply walk away from the scene. I was soon pressured by my friends in making me grab the kid's jacket so that they can take away his backpack. I knew that relationships are important to me but after realizing how frightened the kid was, I knew that my friends' actions was unacceptable and so I decided to defend him. In the aftermath, the people who I don't consider as friends anymore looked at me as a coward and eventually left the kid alone. Even though I was abandoned by the people who were once called friends, I stood up for what I believe is right. From that experience, I learned that bravery doesn't necessary mean to become a fear for somebody else but being able to stand up for what you believe in and having the courage to overcome that fear.
I would recommend this book to others because not only does the story have a good plot but also gives the reader an idea about what society would be like if people were divided into factions. The book teaches us about how human beings tend to judge others by the way they look or act. Even if the goal of the faction system were to keep peace in society, there are signs of inequalty because people still bother about the differences in factions. Every person in each faction had to wear the same coloured attire, believe in the same values and to be committed in living that way of life. But when we look deeper into who Tris was in the book, she doesn't fit into any faction which allows us to see her perspective in her mind. In the story, even if Tris had chosen to become Dauntless, Tris struggled to hide her herself of being divergent as well as to understand her identity. People like Four look Tris as Divergent in a Dauntless disguise. Tris teaches us that just because someone were to dress a certain way, we shouldn't categories or judge a person for the way they look but what is more important is the way they act. This novel does relate to many struggles that people have gone through; this is why this book is worth reading and should be taken into consideration for your life.
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