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In my hands

No description

Madeleine Brzezinski

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of In my hands

In my hands
memories of a holocaust rescuer

Jennifer Armstrong

main characters, setting, and figurative language
Conflict and Rising action
climax,falling action,and themes
the setting in my book takes place in a small village in Poland on a may day in 1921.
Main Characters
the main characters in my book: Maria

Figurative Language
the conflict in my book is when the German president Paul von Hindenburg died and Adolf Hitler took over. Since he is the one who is in charge he dicides to kill Jews because he hates them.
Rising Action 1
When the german president Paul von Hindenburg died Hitler took over.
Rising Action 2
Rising Action 3
A lot of the Jews moved during all of it because Janka said it was becasue they didnt want to get killled or put in a camp.
the climax in this story is when the nazis were searching for the Jews thats are hiding so they dont get killed.
falling action
the falling action in my story is when the 3 sisters friend that was hiding at there house was never found and moved.
two themes
slides by: Katelyn Watts
Maria explained when hitler took over he killed Jews and made them have a a gold star on them so they would know they were jews.
1.Never give up in what you believe in i thought of this theme because the jews belive what hitler was doing was wrong and that he should just leave them alone.
2. treat others how you would want to be treated. i thought this was a good one because some people wouldnt help the jews and hide them

it is a similie
1. "Opdykes memoir reads like a wildly escalating adventure."
2. Maria Rebies candle sailed straight into his outstreched hands, likea bird settling onto its nest.
1. "I must take the right path, or I will no longer be myself."
i like this qoute because its saying that if you arent doing the
right thing people will mistake you as a bad person.
2. " they will treat you the same, you will be better off without
them." i chose this because to me its saying that you need to
leave the people who treat you bad and you deserve better.
3. "we have been praying for a long time, God has finally
heard us." i liked this qoute because it shows that if you
believe in god and pray he will answer your prayers.
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