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Copy of Glo-bus Presentation

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Nicole Lin

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Glo-bus Presentation

Business 1
Product Design
Financial Strategy
Compensation and labor
Actions to Take
Lessons Learned
Any Questions!?
-Our warranties were beginning to get out of control. We would need to take a closer look at our marketing strategies and adjust them to keep demand at a high level while lowering warranty claims.

-The components quality of our cameras could be increased to lower warranty claims. PQ rating has a large effect on the warranty claims of our camera.

- Continue to buy back stock in a similar fashion of pervious years.
-Raising prices is a risky move that should be carefully done.
- Issuing too much stocks can lead to expensive repurchasing in the future since their costs are a lot higher.
-We were not prepared for the low price trend in the industry near the final years. We were forced to lower our prices while increasing promotions and warranties which lead to lower EPS and ROE for our company due to decreasing operating profits.
We offer cameras of superior quality to provide customers with the ultimate visual experience at good value
To maximize shareholder value
To maximize profit
To increase market share globally
Utilized Positive Cash Flows
-to reinvest in the business
-reward our shareholders
-use of debt paralleled policy on dividends
* Like Long Run: Pay down debt in order to better reward shareholder
or * Short Run: early year carried debt on books in order to better invest in the company's future
-To create high quality cameras at reasonable prices.
-To sustain a green initiative strategy
-To hire and maintain a high quality work force
Marketing Strategy
-Diversified strategies
-Unique price
-comprehensive budget for promotional sales
- pursued image rating
Entry level
-Focus on low cost leadership strategy
-Simplicity and competitive quality products
-Pursue competitive advantage
-Adopted competitive pricing
-Multiple models (5) with one special utility feature
Multi featured camera
-Focus on differentiation strategy
-More expensive camera with high quality
-Multiple models (5)with 2 special utility features
-Keep price lower than rival companies
-Need to increase our P/Q
Decision Progress Map
Finance Operation
(Cost Effectiveness)
Expectation vs. Actualization
Potential Market Competition
Analysis Trends
Establish Goals
Market Differentiation
Step 1: Product Design
Step 2: Add-On costs
Net Production Cost
R& D
What is the Balance?
The Cheaper ? The Better?
Finance Operation vs. Cost
Social Responsibility
Loan And Interest
Stock& Dividends
Expense=Income=Equilibrium= Decision
Strengths (Internal)
-Entry Level Models
*Warranty Period
-Multi-Featured Models
-No Direct Competition In
Targeted markets
Weaknesses (Internal)
-Multi-Featured Warranty Period
* only one year
-Entry-Level and Multi-Featured Assembly
*Multi-Store Chains
*Online Retailer
*Local Camera Shops
-Tech Support Budget too High
-Entry -Level Price
*Operating at a Deficit for Three Quarters
Opportunities ( External)
-Slowly Improving market share
*Company should produce more cameras
-Steady Credit Rating
Threats ( External)
-Low Profits
*Entry Level Camera
-Not Meeting Budget Goals
*Compensation and Labor
Comments on Glo-Bus
Ending Performance
SWOT Analysis
-increase annual base pay by 1% to reach a higher level of productivity
-Decided In-house production over outsourcing
-Focus on Low wage/bonus/fringes cost per unit assembled
-What we've learned
-Real world preparation
-Defensive Strategy
-No first mover advantage
-Future Goals
Corporate Governance
I. Rights, duties, responsibilities, and authority of the boards and officers
Board of Director
No individual authority, act as group of quorum
duly constitute, safeguard the company's assets adn the max shareholder return
sole discretion to declare distributions
fiduciary duties
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