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Name of Hero

No description

Thomas Kusuma

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Name of Hero

Name of Hero
Early Life
How is the hero raised?
Does anyone train him in something?
What does the hero do before his major quest?
The Quest
What is the quest that this hero must undertake?
If you cannot find a quest, why is this figure important?
Give background on the events that lead up to this event.
The Journey
How does the hero accomplish his/her task?
This is how the Hero completes the quest.
You will need at least two slides to answer this question
How does this hero live out his or her life after accomplishing the task?
How does this hero die?
Does this hero gain divinity?
Does this character have an interesting birth story?
What is this character's ancestry?
Where does this character come from?
Give a family tree that goes back to at least the hero's grandparents.
Use template provided to create your tree.
Note any gods that the character is related to.
Use full lines to note direct descendents
dashes if skipping generations.
Description of Hero
What traits does your hero have?
Does your hero have any special items to help him or her the quest?
You can separate this into two different paragraphs.
This should be at least one paragraph. Must have at least one quote with proper in-text (parenthetical) citation.
Works Cited
Extra Instructions
All slides except for the Description of Character slide must contain bullet points
Must have at least five bullet points per slide
Must have at least six images (including family tree)
Must have parenthetical documentation on all slides

Must be in MLA format
Must have at least one book as a reference
Family Tree
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