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Tomlinson Wedding

Louis Tomlinson & Eleanor Calder's Wedding outline/plan

manisha madhar

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Tomlinson Wedding

Our Bride: Eleanor Jane Calder I Chose this dress Because it fits perfectly with our theme of a cotton candy, white and pink, wedding with with baby pink material (ribbon), and it going out with flower like appearing material. Before: After: I chose this hair do, because it is very elegant, and it would suit Eleanor's oval face shape very well. Also the Tiara and the silver studded pins go very good with the dress. Our Theme: Cotton Candy Wedding These Platform pumps are a beautiful shade of pink which goes perfectly with out theme and the dress. They are also very tall so they will help eleanor appear even taller. These flowers remind me of cotton candy (our theme) and they are very pretty I chose this jewelry because it is very elegant, and suits everything and looks nice The Bridesmaids Danielle Peazer Perrie Edwards Fizzy Tomlinson Lottie Tomlinson Sana Shirvani
(Maid of Honor) Ella Winters This dress is for the maid of honor, the darker shade of pink contrast nicely with everything, it also allows the maid of honor to standout amongst everyone these shoes go well with of both dresses, as well with the theme, with those white around the heel. I chose this dress for the bridesmaids because it is a light pink dress (goes well the theme) and has a very elegant touch to it This half up, half down hair do is a very formal and elegant hair do for this event. The make up is causal, yet classy. The colours also go along the outfit. Before: After: Our Groom: Louis William Tomlinson I chose this outfit for louis because I think they would really suit him, and the colours fit very well with our theme, and they look nice put together as well. The Groomsmen Zayn Malik Stanley Lucus Niall Horan Harry Styles
Bestman Dan T. Liam Payne I chose this outfit for the groomsmen because it match well with the theme and bridesmaids. The bow ties also adds a different touch to the look. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllll Louis weds Eleanor We Would like to invite you to Louis Tomlinson & Eleanor Calder`s wedding. Flower Girl + Ring Bearer: Charlie Baby Lux The outfits for lux and charlie fitted the theme very well, while being adorable, along with the matching basket and pillow. The rings are very classy and elegant, they were chosen by louis and eleanor themselves. Louis` ring Eleanor`s ring Venue: The venue is at a yatch. The decoration is the same as our theme pink and white; like cotton candy. There will be those balloon everywhere to add to the theme. The center pieces are wide glasses filled with chocolate hearts and pink cotton candy on the top. Next, way of transportation to the venue will be a pink limo hummer; the inside of the limo is also white and pink. Menu + Moments: I selected Caper and berry caters for the food. The menu is a very traditional english food. Since our couple is british they love english food. Photography and videography is handled by the very best Zoe Buckman. Entertainment: Ed Sheeran, Cher lloyd, Taylor Swift, and little Mix will be there for entertainment. The Tomlinson
Wedding This makeup is heavy yet classy, the eye shadow is similar to the smokey eye look but is used with colours to match our theme.
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