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Creativity EEMEA Workshop 2012

No description

Juergen Schroeder

on 14 April 2018

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Transcript of Creativity EEMEA Workshop 2012

EEMEA Workshop 2012
How creative are you?
Idea management in action
ready for an experiment?
Goal: Saving time
More time for you!
More ideas for better solutions!
so ... ;-)
how creative do you
REALY want to be?
Ready for an experiment?
1. Ideas should come from outside!
2. Thinking out of the box!
3. Switching perspectives!
Please ALWAYS keep in mind:
1. Ideas should come from outside!
2. Thinking out of the box!
3. Switching perspectives!
Creative techniques
can help you!
Keep all four stages
clear and seperate!
Your briefing is most important!
How can I/we achieve x?
To find right answers,
ask the right questions!
Investing more time
in analysing the problem...
Briefing rules:
A goal should always involve
a single-minded proposition!
Have a dream team!
- Switch to all five senses
- Be curios and explore
- Avoid idea killers
- Learn to laugh at your mistakes
No more brainstorming!
Creative techniques
are much more effective!
1. Brainwriting
2. Kick-Start-Catalogue
4. Scamper
4. Matrix Analysis
5. Visual synectics
6. Lateral thinking
7. Six Thinking Hats
8. P-M-I
9. Disney Method
Using trigger-questions
your personal action plan!
Have fun
being creative...
which Idea is good?
Useable for work ...
Yellow hat:
Be optimistic
Role play time!
Blue hat:
Manage the prozess
Red hat:
Show the feelings
Black hat:
Be the judge
White hat:
Just the facts
Green hat:
Be creative
Overcome your
S = Substitue
C = Combine
A = Adapt
P = Put to another use
M = Modify
E = Elimate
R = Reverse
How can the product be
combined with something
which increases the USP?
Mixing and matching
Playing with time
A change of perspective
Alternative use
Provocation and shock tactics
Omission and suggestion
9 creative techniques
Want more fun?
Time is a gift!
Basic Rules:
How to use your time
more effective?
so how to start it?
YOU need a structured prozess!
and precise!
... means realy getting to
the heart of the matter!
What is the brief?
1. Formulating the goal in advance
reduces a complex brief to a clear strategy.
From the brief to a single goal
2. Reduce the problem to a single-minded proposition.
3. The goal is a clear view throughout the creative prozess.
4. Express it in the form of a question?

How can we/I achieve "xx" ?
5. The goal keeps the team always on track.
- A goal should have no "ands"

- A goal is always a question

- A goal short be short

- A goal should be simple enough
for a 12-year old to understand
so fast and
so easy!!
Want to use
Creative techniques?
1. Brainwriting
2. Kickstart-Catalogue
3. Six Thinking Hats
3. Matrix
5. Visual synectics
6. Disney Method
Reasons not to hold BRAINSTORMINGS sessions:
- Participants have no knowledge of the creative prozess.
- Objectives are far to vague.
- Participants don't take a mental step from business routine.
- Bosses & clients don't demand radical creativity.
- Meeting rooms are more like modern schoolrooms.
- Participants are all insiders
- Thousands of people have already spent thousands of hours ...
- Participants have not learned to think in therms of oppurtunities...
- Companies attempt to launch the idea generation prozess
witin their own narrow structures.
S = Substitue
-> components, materials, people
C = Combine
-> mix, combine with other assembles or services, integrate
A = Adapt
-> alter, change, function, use parte of another element
M = Modify
-> increase or reduce in scale, change shape, modify, attributes
P = Put to another use
E = Eliminate
-> remove elements, simplify, reduce to core functionality
R = Reverse
-> turn inside out or upside down, or use reversal
White hat:
The facts ... Just the facts!
Calls for information known or needed
Imagine it!
Your team has the skills and techniques
they need to make the best decision.
Fast. Smart. Efficient.
yes! no! maybe! ... etc.
new ideas...
just by accident
ideas into
- What's bad about the product (idea)?
- What are its most obvious disadvantages?
- Why might you decide not to buy it?
- What could be offputing to the target group?
- What is redeculos about the product?
let your ideas lose ...
realy try to dream...
everything is possible!
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