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Sideways Stories From Wayside School By: Louis Sachar

No description

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Sideways Stories From Wayside School By: Louis Sachar

Sideways Stories From Wayside School By: Louis Sachar
Sideways Stories From Wayside School is a book with 30 stories about a wacky school. When the school was being built the builder messed up big time. The school was supposed to be one story tall with thirty classrooms side by side. Instead the builder built it thirty stories high with one classroom on each story. The builder was very sorry, but of course it had to stay that way. The teachers and students in this book are all from the thirtieth story. It starts off with a horrible, mean, dreadful teacher, Mrs. Gorf. Until she gets turned into an apple and gets replaced by Mrs. Jewls, who has an interesting way of teaching math. The kids are crazy too- from big mouth Jason to stinky Sammy to D.J. who always seems to be smiling and no one knows why. You will discover the most whacked- out, funniest, craziest place that ever called itself a school.
You think you'll like it?
I think you will like this book if you love crazy, hilarious stories. It is a pretty quick read but you'll enjoy every moment of it. I think it is just one of those books you want to read over and over again. So, that being said, you should definitely try reading Sideways Stories From Wayside School, I guarantee you will absolutely love it.
They're are many characters in this book. Some are, Mrs. Gorf - a horrible teacher, Mrs. Jewls - Mrs. Gorfs replacement, Todd - he isn't bad he just always gets caught, Bebe - is the fastest drawer in art, Kathy - she hates everyone, everywhere, Louis - the friendly yard teacher, and many, many more.
Other Books by Louis Sachar
There are many different books by Louis Sachar including, Wayside School is Falling Down, Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger, Holes, and Small Steps. I have read all of these and they are all fantastic. He has also written a novel called Pig City which I have not read.
About the Author
Louis Sachar is an American author of children's books. He is best known for the series Sideways Stories From Wayside School and for the novels Pig City and Holes which he has followed with two companion novels. Holes won the 1998 U.S. National Book Award for Young People's Literature and the 1999 Newbery Medal for the year's "most distinguished contribution to American literature for children". He is truly a great author.
That's All Folks!!!!!!!!! :)
You should absolutely, positively read the book Sideways Stories From Wayside School, you'll love it! If you are bored or if you just need a good laugh pick this book up and read it cover to cover. You will not regret it!
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