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Orchestration 1 : The Brass Section

No description

John De Simone

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Orchestration 1 : The Brass Section

ORCHESTRATION I : THE BRASS SECTION The Trumpet The French Horn The Trombone (s) The Tuba The most common trumpet is in B Flat Though it is quite usual to find C Trumpets
and E flats (which are higher) Also available in F, C, D, E Flat, E, G and A (not usual don't worry about them) Here's it's typical range The Modern (Double) French Horn is in F Here's it's typical range Early (valveless) horns were pitched in B alto, A, A, G, F, E, E, D, C The Double Horn contains F tubing and B flat tubing
The B Flat tubing produces a stronger, securer high range Though modern trombones have B flat as their fundamental pitch - they are non - transposing* *except in Brass Bands Tenor Trombone is the most common Bass Trombones are also featured in Romantic + repertoire Alto Trombones can be used for flavour Typical range The Tuba is in many different tunings. Always write in C* *Except in Brass Bands Typical tunings are E Flat (UK), B Flat(UK,US) C (US EU) and F (EU) C and B Flat Tubas offer a mighty Bass, E Flat and F are warmer and effective at high range There are also Euphoniums (Tenor Tubas) Typical Range Common Brass Techniques Techniques common to all Brass Instruments include Flutter Tongue Double Tongue Triple Tongue Growl Vibrato Glissando Mutes Trill Trumpet Horn Trombone Tuba Hand Stopped and Stop Mute Cuivre? Only one Straight, Bucket, Cup Harmon Plunger Straight, Cup Harmon Plunger, Bucket My Favorite Brass Bit ( Bartok Concerto for Orchestra 2nd Movt) Another Good Bit (Shostakovich 5th Symphony 4th Movt) Something Contemporary (Louis Andriessen, De Staat) Notating Mutes and Effects Your Challenge Orlando Gibbons In Nomine 2 a.5
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