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What love means to me...

No description

Jacky Ko

on 26 April 2018

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Transcript of What love means to me...

What love means to me...
I define love by actions.

Words don't mean that much to me.

"Actions speak louder than words."
A friend through the years
Danie Jelyn

Met in elementary school at
8 years old

Hated each other at first

I thought she was always
wanted to be the center of attention

Honest, Loyal, and ohh so funny
Our true friendship did not grow until middle school

She was there for me when I needed a friend

She always had my back, and that is when I knew she was a true friend

Distance can't keep us apart
We haven't lived in the same country for years, but she is my dearest friend.

We have an unexplainable bond

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