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InShape VCON

No description

Daniel Tan

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of InShape VCON

Too complicated
Too challenging
Too restrictive
Difficult to break old habits
Not seeing results fast enough What are the problems and challenges with getting healthy and in shape? PRICE
Too high
Too confusing
Long-term commitments TIME
Too much work
Need family time
Need personal time
Schedule to inflexible WILLPOWER
Lack of energy
Lack of motivation
Not fun enough What's wrong with current products and systems? Toning Belt
Revolutionary, patent-pending, 3-1 system:

Key Benefits:
Get rid of your belly fat and love handles
Strengthen your ab muscles
Increase your metabolism and burn calories InShape Health and Wellness Courses:
Stepping Stones to A Healthy Lifestyle

Read in-depth articles on various health and wellness topics, view videos showing you fat-burning exercises, and learn everything you need to know to become a nutrition expert.

Just as you need to properly feed your body, you must also feed your mind.

Take the next step to a healthier, happier you! The 3 Pillars of InShape BODY MIND SOUL Business Opportunity
“It’s easy to make money with InShape”

Weight management is a universal issue!

No matter race, religion, social status, wealth or age, everyone desires to be healthy and happy.

With InShape – anyone can achieve health, with our step-by-step program. InShape Toning Gel:
Firm Your Skin!

Key Benefits:
Burn fat faster! - works best with the InShape Toning Belt
Reduces cellulite!
Make your skin softer and smoother than ever! ?! There are too many! And they are confusing! InShape Meal Shake is a scientifically balanced meal replacement drink that helps you achieve your weight loss goals faster and without the yo-yo effect.

Key Benefits:
Reduce your food cravings to allow you to lose weight faster than ever before!
Increase your energy levels
Actually tastes great! The InShape Energy Jelly makes you feel more energetic and alert, without any harmful side effects.

Key Benefits:
Give your body a boost of energy when you need it
No caffeine or artificial sweeteners
Slow down the aging process Weight management with QNET has never been easier!

Everyone will love these products... Hands on demos in product booth.

Check out www.inshapeprogramme.com for more information. Toning Belt
Toning Gel Energy Jelly
Meal Shakes Health &
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