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Northern Arizona News Final Report

No description

Aimee Hill

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Northern Arizona News Final Report

Research Report Focus Group Conducted October 25th with members of the target public
Knowledge of the website was minimal
Site failed to hold attention
out-dated information
user format is unfriendly
Lacking in interested topics
popular culture, entertainment, important local stories

Social Media is the best way to engage students
Use of Video is necessary & important for interaction with the site
Students are on-the-go & engaged online
Spare time is used to interact with apps, ect.. that are quick & efficient Team Pulitzer Northern Arizona News
Final Report Target Public Northern Arizona University

Flagstaff Mountain Campus Students, 18,000

Home to 200 Clubs/Organizations

Interested in Local Community & Events

Active Online, 2-4 Hours a Day
Social Media Strengths
Threats Goals and Objectives Raise awareness of Northern Arizona News through interaction with the NAU community, engage the students and encourage online interaction from the NAU community. Northern Arizona News
Analyze data and identify areas of engagement for NorthernArizonaNews.com.
Survey & Focus Group

Understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats of the website

Create a set of goals & objectives to improve,promote & engage students in NorthernArizonaNews.com Olivia Colegrove
Chris Herbert
Aimee Hill
Conrad Holl
Josh Levinson Northern Arizona News
is an online media convergence
of various campus media, specifically:

•The Lumberjack
•NAZ Today
•K Jack
•UTV62 Analytics Students leave in summer - Decrease in page visits over summer

Large # New Visitors (80%) , Low # Returning

Lack of Community Engagment, Less than 20% from Flagstaff

Short amount of time on website, 64 Seconds

Drive in traffic due to availability of certain articles (Dr. Olson's Death, Republican Club) Survey Results 17 Question (16 Multiple Choice, 1 Open Ended)
Two Week Period
Given to 139 NAU Students Majority Female, 73%
Majority between 18-24, 93%
Flagstaff Mountain Campus Students, 86%
70% Involved in at least one Club Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats 77% have never visited NorthernArizonaNews.com

Reason for Visiting, Class with 53%
Second Highest, 27% with web search Frequency of Visits: 57% Rarely , 27% Never, 15% Occasionally

78% looking for NAU related issues and events
2nd highest sought out topic was
entertainment, events and personalities. Students are active online, 47% said 2-4 Hrs, 27% said 4-6 Hrs

Access from Portable Devices: 63% Laptop, 20% Mobile Phone

Internet usage is spread throughout the day in several intervals with mainly portable devices. Most Common Reasons for Internet Use:
Checking email
Networking Multimedia Options - video, photo, text and more

Organization and Administration of website
Already established media outlets:
The Lumberjack Newspaper
NAZToday Lack of Centralized Leadership
Too many sources
No central focus on site

Out of date Content, Irrelevant

Not user friendly:
Difficult to use,
Hard to understand
Doesn't function properly Students are looking for:
Quick, easily accessible, informative news about their local community
& entertaining bits about items such as sports, lifestyle and opinion Create a page on Northern Arizona News called NAU Live that has sports, lifestyle and pop culture content with a colorful and interesting design that will engage students and stand out from the rest of the professional format of the website. Receive 30,000 page visits per month by the end of the Spring semester of 2013. Create a NorthernArizonaNews.com Facebook page with the purpose of engaging NAU students in a way which will relate to them and be easy to communicate. The Facebook page will need to have a minimum of 4-5 posts per week that will be based on sports, lifestyle and pop culture, with a minimum of 1,500 “likes” by the end of the Spring semester of 2013. Engage the NAU campus by attending 5 sporting and on-campus events Spring 2013 and Fall 2013 semesters with a promotional booth set-up with flyers, possible activities and ways to engage online with the website and have 100 people like the Facebook page on the spot. Available target audience
Built-in & Renewing

Only news source for selected demographic Outside media sources
The Daily Sun
Flagstaff Live
Radio Stations

Lack of Knowledge from students, faculty, professors and departments
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