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Hernando DeSoto

Spanish impact in the "New World"

Angela Brazell

on 27 August 2018

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Transcript of Hernando DeSoto

Spanish influence in
North America

Hernando DeSoto: Spanish Conquistador
Hernando DeSoto
Hernando de Soto Historical Site
Video Log
Hernando DeSoto
Video Log
Cultures Blend
Hernando DeSoto
Spanish conquistador
Explored Southeastern United States looking for Gold with 600 men
First European to make contact with Mississippian Indians
Killed and tortured Native Americans
Brought new diseases which killed Native Americans
Never found gold and died by the Mississippi River
SS8H1 Evaluate the impact of European exploration and settlement on American Indians in Georgia.
c. Evaluate the impact of Spanish contact on American Indians, including the explorations of Hernando DeSoto.
Hernando DeSoto
Read Aloud
Record 2 Things
Record 2 Things
Essential Question
What was the impact of
European contact on Native American culture?
What was the impact of
European contact on
Native American culture?
De Soto Rap Clip
Opening: ~ De Soto Rap

Work ~ Read Aloud
Session: ~ Prezi Notes
~ Video Logs

Closing: ~ Answer Essential

Bell Ringers
Coach Book

Read pages 38-41. Answer 1-4 on page 43 by writing the question and answer.
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