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Alfred Adler

No description

Jenn Carr

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Alfred Adler

By: Jenn, Belle and Lisa

Real Life Situations
The Individual Psychology Theory

Most Famous Experiment
With great research done through the internet and books, Alfred Adler did not preform any experiments. He just studied peoples mind development and personal growth
Alfred News Film
His Conclusions of his work
Brief Biography
Discipline(s) Adler Studied and Contributed To.
Adlers' main interests within psychology were..
Individual Psychology
- Best known for this theory

- He believed that people are focused on maintaining control over their lives and he believed in single "drive" or motivating force behind our behaviour, claiming that the desire we have to fulfill our potentials becomes closer and closer to our ideals.

- He felt that even though that each person was unique and that no previous theory applied to all people. This is why he called his theory "Individual Psychology".

- Who we are is not determined by our environment that we grow up in or our genetics but rather how we interpret our environment and our genetics.
Psychological Development in Children
According to Adler, children have a need to belong. They partake in purposeful and goal-oriented behavior to that end. Adler believed that as a mom, your job is to encourage your child to take responsibility for their behavior and teach them to respect themselves and others. They know that if they disrespect you as the parent (if you'd laid down the law already) they know that you'll enforce the consequences. In this way, they learn to take responsibility for their behavior, and they will become a child, who, according to Adlerian theory, will feel encouraged about themselves and will behave in helpful and cooperative ways.
Understanding Human Nature
"The life style is the individual's characteristic way of thinking, seeing and feeling towards life and is synonymous with what other theorists call "personality" -Adler (1956, pg 187-188 from Adlers book "Primer of Adlerian Psychology"
Alfred Adler's Theory: If the child failed to meet certain life challenges during his or her counterclaim then he will develop an inferiority complex.

Every child experiences the feelings of inferiority as the result of being surrounded by stronger and more capable adults.

As the child grows he becomes obsessed by his original feelings of inferiority he experienced earlier and so he strives for power and recognition.

If the child failed to meet certain life challenges during his act of compensation then he will develop an inferiority complex.
Individual Psychology
Psychological Development in Children
Understanding Human Nature
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Alfred Adler

- Born February 7th 1870 in Austria

- Died May 28 1937

-Graduated with a medical degree in 1895

- Began his career as an ophthalmologist, but switched his practice after being inspired by circus performers.

- In 1907 he was invited to meet Sigmund Freud

- Along with Rudolf Reitler and Wilhelm Stekel, these meetings turned into a movement and forming "The Vienna Psychoanalytic Society"

- 1911 Adler left the society and founded his own "Society of Individual Psychology" in 1912
Let's learn about his theories!
Adler believed that we all have one basic desire and goal: to belong and to feel significant.
Most Famous Concept: Inferiority Complex



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