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The Da Vinci Code

World literature project

Ricky Oehler

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of The Da Vinci Code

By:Ricky Oehler The Hero's Journey The Ordinary World The Road Back The Da Vinci Code starts off at the very end of "the normal world." Robert Langdon, the main character, is a professor of symbology at Harvard university. He is sitting in his hotel room after his lecture in paris when the call to adventure arrives. Langdon doesn't really have a mentor per se, but he is guided through the art gallery by Bezu Fache, the police chief, where Saunière was killed. Fache shows Langdon the body of Saunière, who was arranged like the Vitruvian Man and had numbers and two lines of writing next to him. Meeting with the Mentor Langdon's allies are Sophie, and later on, a man named Sir Leigh Teabing. His enemies include Fache, Silias (Saunière's murderer), and a man named The Teacher, who gave orders to Silias. His tests range from escaping the police, to solving puzzles, to figuring out passwords. Tests, Allies, and Enemies The main ordeal arrives when Langdon and Sophie find out that Teabing is the Teacher who commanded Silias. Langdon is held at gunpoint by Teabing so that he will solve a puzzle called a Cryptex, which contains a map to the holy grail. Langdon tricks Teabing, and gets him arrested. The Main Ordeal The road back and the reward are somewhat hard to distinguish in this book, but i believe that the road back is where he relizes the resting place of the holy grail, yet decides to leave it be. Call to Adventure Refusal of the call Crossing the Threshold Approach to the Innermost Cave Reward The Resurrection/ Elixir While resting in his hotel room, Robert Langdon receives a visitor from the French Judicial Police who came to question him about a murder. The man murdered was Jacques Saunière. Langdon was associated with Saunière because he was meant to have drinks with him after the lecture, but Saunière never showed up. Landon doesn't refuse the call, as he was curious as to what happened to Saunière and wanted to help the police. However, when the concierge told him he had a visitor, he tried to send him away. Langdon really crosses the threshold when Sophie Neveu arrives, telling Fache that she solved the code written next to Saunière's body. She hands a phone to Langdon with a recorded message telling him that he is in trouble. He goes to hide in the restroom where Sophie tells him that he is a suspect, and she is Saunière's granddaughter. I think that the approach to the innermost cave begins when Langdon and Sophie meet with Teabing and start running away with him. They also meet Silas in Teabing's estate. The reward Langdon receives for this is twofold, first off, he doesn't get arrested, and second he gets the map to the holy grail. Robert Langdon does indeed have a Resurrection, and an Elixir as well. Langdon is the main character in the next book, The Lost Symbol, and another novel to be released this year, Inferno.
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