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Future Progressive

No description

Carolina Cortes

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Future Progressive

They will be learning English tomorrow
* Subject + "will+not" + "be" + verb (ing) + complement
When do you use?
An action will be in progress at a certain time the future
* Subject + "will be" + verb (Ing) + complement.
He will be eating rice tomorrow
Inuyasha won't be working next week
Inuyasha won't be playing on Sunday
* will + subject + "be"+ verb(Ing) + complement?
Will he be listening to radio?
will kagome be crying ?
Yes, he will
Yes, she will
Future will.
is used to make predictions of the future, is to say, to talk about a non planed future or incertain.
we also use that structure to take spontaneously decicions.
and also when we do promises
Subject + Won't + verb + Complement
Will +Subject +Verb + Complement + ?
Presentado por:
Carolina Cortes
Cristian Sanchez
Junior Avila
Maria Eugenia

* Next year
* In the future
* These days
Video - will
Future Will- Going to-Progressive-
Future progressive
• Are they going to dance tonight?

Are you going to buy a new car?
Subject + am / are / is + not going to + verb infinite

Am/ are / is + subject + going to / verb infinite .
Is inuyasha going to cook tomorrow?

Subject+ am / are / is + going to + verb infinite + complement .
I will go to the university next year.
She will move, after she finishes school.
He will buy a new house next week.
They Won't go to the school tomorrow.
Jhon won't travel to New York next month.
I won't cook tomorrow.
I won't be home for the weekend.
Will you go to training tomorrow?
Yes, I will.
Will we have the exam tomorrow?
Yes , we will.
Will he play in the handball match this saturday?
No, he Won't
What will you be doing tomorrow?
Yes / no
I will be studying in the school
What will you be doing nextweek ?
I will be traveling to cali
wh + will + subject+verb+complement + ?
subject+ will + verb + complement
Juan will travel to Piscilago.
What will we cook this saturday?
We will cook Chicken.
When will he phone me?
He will phone you tomorrow.
Wh questions.
will she be playing tennis until gets tired.
Yes, she will
Inuyasha will be loving the cat
he won't be feeling jealous of inuyasha
Wh + will + subject + be + verb (ing) + complement?
What will you be doing in the party?
I will be sitting in the table.


Subject + not + going to+ verb infinite + complement am/are/is
Where will Juan travel this weekend?
Yes, he is

What are you going to do for christmas?
I'm going to spend time with family.
What are you going to do tonight?
I'm going to watch t.v
yes / No
Yes,they are
No, you are
wh + am are/is + subject+ going to +verb+complement ?
Who is going to be there do tonight?
I'm going to be forever alone
I am going to study more English.
We’re going to watch the Simpsons.
They’re going to leave at 9 o’clock.
John and Mary are going to get married.
She’s not going to go on holiday
I’m not going to call her.
We’re not going to take a taxi.
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